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Know How to Get Rid of Netgear Orbi White LED Light Issue


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Performing a Netgear Orbi setup is a great way to enjoy a lag-free internet connection in literally every corner of your home. Although an Orbi router is known to work fine, sometimes it can be a real pain in the head.

Among all, the most common issue that is hampering the internet experience of users is the Orbi white LED light issue. If you are also facing the same issue with your Orbi device, then walk through this post and know how to fix the issue.

What are the Reasons Behind Orbi Blinking White Issue?

There can be various contributing reasons that can make your Netgear Orbi router blink white. But one of the main reasons why you might be facing this issue is because your Orbi device is taking hell a lot of time to boot.

Yes, you read that right!

You might be facing the Netgear Orbi white light issue either after performing a factory reset or after updating the firmware of your Orbi device by accessing orbilogin com. Whatever the reason might be, by following the below-mentioned troubleshooting tips, you’ll surely get rid of the troublemaker.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

How to Troubleshoot Netgear Orbi White LED Light Issue?

  • Replace the Power Outlet

One of the major reasons why your Netgear Orbi device is blinking white is because of inadequate power supply. So, make sure that your Orbi router is receiving enough power supply from the electric socket. If the socket is faulty, replace it with a new one without hesitating. This will help your Orbi device run at a blazing speed and you can enjoy surfing the web.

  • Power Cycle Your Orbi Router As Well As Satellite

If after replacing the power socket you are still facing the Netgear Orbi white LED light issue, then you need to power cycle your Orbi router as well as satellite. To do that, unplug the power adapter of your Orbi, wait for some time, plug the device back into its power outlet, and turn it on to check if the white LED light issue has been fixed or not.

  • Reboot Your Existing Modem

Another way to fix the Netgear Orbi white light issue to reboot your existing modem. First, ensure that you remove all the cables connecting your modem and Orbi router, including the Ethernet cable and the Power cable. Then, be patient, wait for a few minutes, and let the modem take some rest. Next, plug in your modem, press the Power button, and connect both your WiFi devices with the required cables. Now, check whether the Orbi has stopped blinking white or not.



If the aforementioned troubleshooting tips haven’t helped you get rid of the Orbi white light issue, then you can try to restore your Netgear Orbi to its factory default settings. Once you have reset your device, configure it by accessing the orbilogin administrative page and make the most out of your Netgear Orbi WiFi device.

We hope that this post was of some help to you. But, in case you need further assistance to get rid of the Orbi white light issue, you can contact us anytime through the comments section below.