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Know the 6 Advantages of EC Council’s Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification


Cyber Security is one of today’s trending job opportunities. With a more significant number of people opting for the field, the need for quality has increased. It is precisely why the EC Council’s Cyber Security Certifications are currently in high demand as a potential qualification for job seekers. When it comes to Ethical Hacking, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is one of the best to have.

This article will talk about the certification and its benefits.

What is the EC Council?

It stands for International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants, which gives you valid Cyber Security Certification. Several different certifications are offered, which are a great source of skills, knowledge, and training in Cyber Security. EC Council certifications are considered a significant form of merit for the receiver.

Ethical Hacking & CEH Certification

Ethical Hacking or White-Hat Hacking is one of the most popular fields in Cyber Security. Ethical hackers can legally hack any particular network, website, or application with people’s consent and permission. In addition, they analyze the possible strategies that illegal hackers could attempt.

CEH is an Ethical Hacker Certification. It helps understand a hacker’s point of view in finding vulnerabilities and using the same possible tools to scale up cyber security. It’s one of the certifications given by the EC Council.

Benefits of CEH Certification

Some of the main benefits of CEH are:

1. It teaches how to avoid threats over resolving them

When the practice of hacking was new, cyber security professionals concentrated on quickly responding to and resolving threats. But now, hacking attempts have become very common. People who find out the possible vulnerabilities in programming codes rather than reacting to them are in higher demand.

The CEH certification has some of the best insights about existing and new vulnerabilities in the latest exploit technologies.

2. You become a Professional Ethical Hacker

The CEH Certification covers all prime and essential concepts necessary for ethical hacking, as an illegal hacker would use. A CEH certified professional is guaranteed to know all related concepts from the elementary level itself. Once you receive the certification, you have superior expertise in ethical hacking.

3. You get a career and salary boost in the field of Cyber Security

CEH is one of the most challenging and top certifications in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. Having it boosts your employability for jobs in the field.

An Ethical hacker certification has extensive applications, from health care to banking and finance and government to military organizations. Every company is prone to get hacked by competitors or simply for money. Hence, companies are ready to pay huge salaries to ethical hackers. With CEH, you can land significant job opportunities having handsome salaries.

4. You learn the working process of a typical Hacker’s Mindset

CEH is specifically designed to give a complete idea of the thinking process of a hacker. It’s one of the first certifications that provides a platform to know all tools and methods used by hackers to get into a network. And these tools give an insight into what kind of vulnerabilities hackers are looking for and how they find them.

This approach of understanding a hacker’s mindset in CEH certification has proven to be very advantageous for Ethical Hacking.

5. You can enhance your portfolio when entering Cyber Security

CEH Certification is not just meant for Ethical Hackers. The certification is a leading Cyber Security Certification and is issued by EC Council. It’s an outstanding qualification for a career in any area of Cyber Security.

Hence, if you are a newbie starting in Cyber Security or an IT Professional looking to shift to this field, CEH certification is a good start to improve your portfolio. Several educational websites teach everything about CEH Certification Training through live virtual classroom sessions.

6. You have the joy of using some of the Best Hacking Tools

CEH certification introduces thousands of different hacking tools. Not just simulations, but you could gain experience with the same tools used by hackers.

A CEH certified professional will have basic to in-depth knowledge about these tools, hacking tricks, and techniques (like file-less malware, advanced social engineering practices, etc.). For every passionate Ethical Hacker, doing the CEH certification would be very much informative and enthusiastic.

Do these benefits motivate you to take up the CEH certification? Then go ahead and start your journey with an online course. You can choose from several options online and get a head start in the field of Cyber Security.