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Know the Reasons to Install Blackout Curtains

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Since lifestyle is evolving and people working late nights, the blackout curtains seem one of the best window treatments to have a good night’s sleep with adding aesthetic to your home décor. The blackout curtains are different from the regular curtains and drapes you see in homes. They are made of dense and thick fabric so that they can effectively block the outside light, allowing you to sleep better throughout the night. There are many more reasons why blackout curtains are widely preferred in residential as well as commercial places. Let’s discuss all the reasons to install the blackout curtains in Pacific Palisades.

  • Energy efficiency– Did you know windows play a significant role in controlling indoor temperature. If there is no proper window treatment, your room will lose coolness faster in summers while warm during the winters. Blackout curtains act as insulation that moderates the heat loss in winters, leading to lesser use of heaters. Similarly, the insulation keeps the indoor temperature lower in summers, reducing the use of air conditioners. This way, you will see a drastic drop in energy bills. Since electricity is getting expensive day by day, you must consider blackout curtains to keep the energy consumption as minimum as possible.
  • Noise reduction– If your home is located on a crowded street or any crowded location, a blackout curtain is a must. There are blackout curtains available with multiple layers of coating. With each extra layer, the blackout curtains help to reduce the noise. Even if you want to create a peaceful environment inside the room, blackout curtains are perfect.
  • Sleeps better– In general, we all need a dark and noise-free environment to sleep better. Remember, our body does not fully rest when there is sunlight coming into the room. This is why; we shut down the windows and turn off the light before sleeping. The blackout curtains can help block 99% of the light from entering your room so that you can sleep and wake up full of energy. There is no need to mention that proper sleep benefits our body and mind in dozens of ways. Thus, blackout curtains are a very useful window treatment.
  • Maximum privacy– As we all know, privacy is one of the key reasons why we install window treatment at our place. In this regard, the blackout curtains excel. It provides more privacy than other window treatments. Blackout curtains are made of thick and dense materials that shield the inside of your room from prying eyes. So, if privacy is your major concern, approach the window treatment professionals to install the blackout curtains.


  • Blackout curtains last longer– Since blackout curtains are made of thick materials with multiple layers of coating, they are more durable than other curtains. Still, ensure you go through the all materials options used for the blackout curtains and then make an informed decision. Remember, the fabrics used for the blackout curtains have improved over the years.

Invest wisely in blackout curtains

Even though they are simple window treatments, but they go well with all home décors. In short, they have the capability to make your room space looks even better. But there are two major things to consider while investing in custom blackout roman shades in Pacific Palisades.

Quality of the fabric

Blackout curtains require some heavier and solid fabric that does not allow the light to penetrate. Polyester fabric is the most popular choice of fabric for blackout curtains. Nevertheless, whichever fabric you choose, ensure it is dense and thicker to offer light protection.


Color is the second major consideration while investing in blackout curtains. Ensure you choose the color that complements your room’s styles and colors. Gray, navy blue, graphite, and black are some dark and solid colors popularly used for blackout curtains. You will also find some modern versions of these colors that come in extra brighter colors and various beautiful patterns.

Even blackout curtains are also available in white that comes with blackout lining to provide added protection. So, when you are buying the blackout curtains go through all the available options and then decide on the right color for the blackout curtains.

The final words

Blackout curtains are indeed very useful window treatments, especially when adding more privacy to the room. In order to have perfect custom blackout roman shades in Pacific Palisades, it is always great to work with window treatment professionals who can assist you in choosing the right blackout curtains for you and get the installation done professionally.