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Know What Are The Single Parents Child Custody Rights After Divorce In Australia

Know What Are The Single Parents Child Custody Rights After Divorce In Australia
Know What Are The Single Parents Child Custody Rights After Divorce In Australia

Divorce is not the happiest or a joyous occasion between couples. It’s a process through which two people wish to end their marriage legally. But if there is a child or children involved, the individuals will apply for child custody. In Australia, all children have the right to live a meaningful life with both of their parents, will stay under protection without any issue or harm.

The court will make a decision that will be within the most salutary interest of the child. But to gain a deep understanding of child custody, it will be better to contact the child custody lawyers in Perth for the job. These lawyers deal will matter related to child custody and will provide you with the help you need.

Understanding the importance of parental responsibility

Even when a couple divorced, are in a de facto relationship, or never married, they cannot run away from parental responsibility. Both of the parents have parental responsibility for their child/children. It grants them the authority, duties, responsibilities, and powers concerning their child.

The best thing about parental responsibility is that both the parents can separate choices and decisions for their child with no hassle. Also, each of the parents will keep sharing their parental responsibility until the child turns 18-years old. Parents are also eligible to make a legal obligation. Doing so will enable them to make important long-term decisions for the upbringing and welfare of their child.

They can opt for the Equal Shared Parental Responsibility. To know more about it, getting in touch with professional and certified child support lawyers in Perth will be an excellent idea. The lawyers will provide their guidance on such matters and help the parents take the right path.

Child custody rights for single parents

When it comes to child custody, the parents have a major part to play. But the child custody rights for single fathers are a lot different from the of single mothers. To know what these rights are, take a look at the information given below.

  • Child Custody Rights for Single Fathers:

Many people believe that the court will always grant the mother the primary custody, and the fathers will get to see their children only during the weekends. This is not at all true. It’s all the cases are pretty unique, and each of them needs careful consideration. But if it can be argued that the child’s best interest is to stay with the father rather than the mother, the court will decide in favor of the father. These days, the fathers of today are much different than what they were two decades ago.

They are pretty active when it comes to making a decision and raising a child. Experts have provided evidence that the affection shown towards the children from their fathers helps in emotional and social development. Single fathers must contact a good lawyer who will tell them what they are entitled to. They will also encourage them to ask the courts what they want.

  • Child Custody Rights for Single Mothers:

Way back in the past, many of the child custody cases were ruled in favor of the mothers, and the children got the opportunity to meet their fathers during the weekends. But in this modern world, courts keep their concentration towards shared custody, which determines the parent who is much more suitable for being the primary carer of the child.

Within the Australian family law, the rights for both father and mother do not exist. It’s because the family courts make the children’s rights their top priority rather than the mother’s rights. If the mother stands out as the best person to hold the primary custody of the child, the court will decide in favor of the mother itself. During the court proceedings, the mothers have to demonstrate that they understand the best interest of their child and will look after their welfare and promote their interests.

Is there any financial responsibility for the child?

In short, yes. Both of the parents have financial responsibility for their child. It doesn’t matter whether the child lives with the mother or the father, both of them have to support the child financially after they separate. To take care of the financial part, the parents can manage it among themselves. Otherwise, they can take the help of a child support assessment for the job. The child support program is administered by the Department of Human Services and helps in guiding and assisting parents when it comes to providing support for their children/child.

Ways lawyers can assist you during child custody

The trusted and experienced divorce lawyers in Perth are said to play an essential part when it comes to child custody. They will provide the parents with information on how exactly the court will decide with whom the child will live. But the decisions that get made will concentrate in the best interest of the children or child. The lawyer will do its best to solve the parenting dispute between the two parents. They will persuade the court that their client stands out as the best parent to hold custody of the child.

These Family Lawyers Perth take their job pretty seriously and work hard to yield the best outcome for their client. They will take the responsibility to prepare all the paperwork and gather the documents. Once everything is set, they will represent their client in the courtroom. Since child custody cases take plenty of time to resolve, the lawyers keep their clients update about the progress. They will not just provide legal advice to their clients. But will also analyze the entire case and explain it to the court.

The Summary

Divorce is a stressful situation and becomes much harder for the children. Your job is to keep your concentration on your child’s interest and do everything that is right for them. Please don’t scrutinize the other parent in front of your child. Also, don’t put them in situations where you force them to make decisions on their own.