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Know why reinforced concrete basketball court is better


When it comes to construction, concrete is the first choice as a base material because of its durability and aesthetic appearance.  Concrete is widely used in all construction industries to give a smoother base and best performance in the long term result. Though there are a wide variety of options available for making Basketball court backyard but basketball is a competitive and tough game hence, it’s important to ensure the security for the player’s safety and construction. While it’s fine to make the basketball court at house outdoor if you are just willing to utilize your outdoor place beautifully.  Basketball can be made using DIY or you can also take the help of the professionals to get the construction done according to your preference.

You might have heard about reinforced concrete that is widely used for construction on large scales such as dams, bridges, stadiums, and many more. Reinforced concrete is said to provide the best durability with lower maintenance hence it’s the choice of the majority of contractors for commercial and domestic construction.

Below are some of the reasons why reinforced concrete is better for basketball construction.

1)         Prevents cracking.

Reinforced concrete includes a special process that is called post-tensioning that prevents cracking and shrinking of the surface. The smooth and flat surface is important for the basketball for better performance. Minor cracks can lead to accidents and might hurt the player while playing.

2)         Provides protection of all climates.

It’s obvious that climatic factors are likely to affect any construction over time. By the changing season nature, the material like asphalt is likely to experience cracking and other issues. But with the reinforced concrete material, it prevents cracking and shrinking because of its durable nature. Reinforced concrete material is suitable and gives better performance even in hot summer, monsoon, and freezing winter.

3)         Has better drainage.

Many basketball court materials cause water to stay on the surface and pool it at one surface, this can cause difficulty in playing. Reinforced concrete provides better drainage hence it doesn’t let the water sit on the surface. Its advice to have a better control slope for the easy flow of the water.

4)         Lower maintenance.

There are wide ranges of basketball court options and every option is likely to have some maintenance.  Especially the grass tennis court and asphalt basketball court needs maintenance to hold the good performance over the years.  The reason why most of commercial business owners prefer reinforced concrete is it can last up to thousands of years with little maintenance and replacement cost.

5)         Longer durability.

Because of high resistivity towards all climates, reinforced concrete is durable and doesn’t get crack or shrink due to extreme cold or hot temperatures easily for years.

6)         Has Better fire-proof quality as compared to steel and other materials.

Reinforced concrete has a slow rate of heat transfer and does not burn easily. Concrete is the non –combustible material and hence does not require any fire-proofing techniques.  It absorbs the heat and doesn’t even release toxic fumes and smoke.

Winding-up: Reinforced concrete is the perfect choice with all beneficial factors.  Basketball is not a thing that can be modified frequently; make sure you build the best durable basketball court in the onetime investment. Reinforced concrete offers better drainage, temperature protection and has a longer lifespan. The basketball can be used multipurpose as the workout place and playing games. All you need is the open flat surface outside your home to construct your dream basketball court. Take help of the reputed Basketball courts Melbourne Company for further customization and get consultation about the beneficial choices.


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