KWSME Offers Dubai Company Registration in Free Zone

KWSMiddleEast is a business consultancy firm in Dubai that helps entrepreneurs and established businesses register their company in any part of UAE states. Dubai company registration in free zone is becoming a profitable business hub … Read More


KWSMiddleEast is a business consultancy firm in Dubai that helps entrepreneurs and established businesses register their company in any part of UAE states. Dubai company registration in free zone is becoming a profitable business hub for freshers. The trading and industrial business startups are rapidly increasing with the free zone sector of Dubai.

KWSME is one of the best business consultancy teams that can assist you to start your very own corporate in Dubai Free Zone without facing any complex issues. The first things for you are to know about the classification of Free zones in Dubai and which sector is suitable to register company in Dubai.

Categories of Free Zone for Dubai Company Registration

There are around thirty free zones in Dubai and each of them has a specific business class to facilitate in Dubai. The most leading free zones are Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ), Dubai Multi Commodity Center (DMCC), Ajman Free Zone (AFZ), and Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA).

KWSME deals with all kinds of Dubai company registration processes within these free zones. Now let us take a look at the major Dubai free zone company registration steps.

Dubai Company Registration Steps in Free Zone

The main criteria to complete your company registration in Dubai can be fulfilled by following some major steps. KWSME will help you in all of these steps to finalize your Dubai new company registration. Here are those essential steps for Dubai’s new company registration.

  • Business type

The first major step is to choose your business type and in the free zone, the most appreciable business activity is either trading or industrial. The professional license has some presence in the free zone but most of the entrepreneurs prefer to dive into industrial or trading business.

  • Apply for license

After selecting your business nature, you have to apply for a license to get approved by Dubai Economic sector. In the free zone, there are some specific license types for Dubai company registration.

Types of License in Free zone

  • Industrial License

The industrial license business in the free zone deals with the manufacturing and processing of products that are mostly linked with automobiles. If your business has a direct link with the manufacturing or packaging of anything then KWSME can get you an industrial license within days.

  • Trading License

The trading license is of two categories one is just a general trade license and the second one is a trading license.  If your company buys or sells any product and service which are not prohibited in UAE then KWSME has legal links with governmental departments who can provide you this license in days.

  • Professional License

A professional business is common in the mainlands of Dubai but if you have made your mind to start a professional business in the free zone, KWSME is available for you to guide about licensing requirements and Dubai free zone company registration system.

  • Select a Free Zone

The free zone sector is the core part of your company registration in Dubai. You need to choose that free zone that has favorable policies and less costly. KWSME has full fledge knowledge about all the free zones in Dubai and which is suitable for your company’s business model.

  • Select Corporate system

Another important step for Dubai’s free zone company registration is to acquire your corporate business structure. KWSME professional team that can plan your company’s Memorandum of Association, company partners’ documentation, and local or foreign company branch recordkeeping.

  • Name and documentation approval

KWSME are official partners of DMCC and they can approve your Dubai company registration applications with the trademark name. KWSME can search for a unique name for your company that respects the norms of the local Arab community.

  • Business location

Finding a free zone startup location should not be an issue for you because KWSME can find the ideal place to set your company’s office or business operations workplace. The Dubai free zone company registration process ends up with one last step and that is to get you and your company’s business partners UAE VISA.

  • KWSME can get you VISA

To register company in Dubai requires a legal card to operate your business in free zone lands. The immigration Emirates ID card and VISA should be your utmost priority. KWSME professionals can get you VISA for your family and company’s partners. You only need to provide legal personal documents and the rest of the work will be completed by the KWSME team. The Dubai Court approved KWSME applications and VISA can reach you within weeks.

Advantages of Free Zone Dubai Company Registration

There are some amazing benefits for establishing a free zone firm such as;

  • No taxation obligation.
  • Less complicated and cost-effective trading policies for starters.
  • Full ownership of your corporation.
  • No trading tariff and no personal revenue taxes.
  • Fully furnished offices and infrastructure for your trading or industrial business warehouses.
  • UAE residence VISA comes with the Dubai company registration package.
  • No limitations on the trading procedure and minimum barriers within the Dubai region.

KWSME also offers

KWSME not only provides company registration in Dubai services they also deal with settling deals between local sponsors and entrepreneurs on the mainland. KWSME has professional translators who can help you to create a bank account in Dubai or translate your documents into the Arabic language for local businessmen. KWSME is a perfect place for starters and a secured channel to get document approval from UAE bureaus.

Visit and gain more vital information about Dubai company registration in free zone.

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