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Latest Mobile APP Development Trends


In today’s world smart phones are an essential part of human life, their impact on our daily life is undeniable. With the growth of internet and 5G networks more and more people now have access to high speed internet. This can only mean that the demand for smart phone is going to continue to go up in the future. This is a great time for app developers, they can capitalize on this by creating apps with the latest mobile app development trends.

The app development industry is changing at an extremely fast rate, this makes it really difficult for app developers to determine which development trends they should adopt. Here we have assembled a few app development trends that look ready to transform app development in the coming years.

5G Connectivity

5G connectivity is poised to change the development and usage of mobile apps. This innovation makes it possible to transfer huge amounts of data in a Nano second without any kind of lagging, these capabilities ensure that 5G is a game changer. 5G is expected to be adopted in a number of industries as it offers zero delays and low latency and also lets developers integrate other technologies much more smoothly into their apps and utilize the fast connectivity completely.

Artificial Intelligence

If you look at any industry today, you can see the huge impact that artificial intelligence has had on them, mobile app development is also one such industry. It’s expected that we will be seeing a number of smart apps that will be using artificial intelligence. This way they will be able to identify and predict user behavior, they will also be able to find out which features you use more often and create a personalized user experience according to that data.

If you connect that kind of technology with chat bots and smart assistants you will have revolutionary apps. This will let brands communicate with clients in real-time and give them recommendations after analyzing the data collected about their usage.

Cloud Based Apps

Cloud is set to be under the spotlight this year. It’s expected that we will see a new cloud based platform that will let app developers test and run apps in the cloud. With cloud based apps information can travel across different mobile platforms, which resolves the compatibility issues usually faced in such situations.

It is expected that cloud based apps will be in demand as they are adopted in different kinds of industries, they are already being used by different digital agency services in USA.

Instant Apps

Whenever you are downloading an app, I am sure there has been a moment when you wished for being able to experience an app and not having to download it on your phone. Well that wish has come true, with instant apps the device hardware is no longer in the picture and every user gets the same experience. With these apps you can test the basic functions of an app, get a demo, they can also be used to provide memory efficient services to the clients without access to the latest devices.

It also has the added advantage of not having to force the users to go through the whole procedure of downloading and installing the app. Besides enhancing the user experience it also minimizes the install friction and the user drop off. With instant apps your application gets a boost and has more of a chance of getting discovered by users and thus more users are likely to try your apps.

AMP’s and Progressive Mobile Applications

Nowadays the challenge that most app developers face is creating an application that has all the features it needs to be relevant and yet still work smoothly and provide a good user experience. This demand has manifested itself in the form of progressive web apps or accelerated mobile applications.

The fact that progressive web apps can be accessed by the user without an internet connection, and that Google’s Accelerated mobile pages makes it possible for mobile pages to load quickly gives the users a much better experience. AMP’s are especially helpful when the job requires the website to be fit into a design that is not only responsive but accessible through all devices.

Increased Security Features in Apps

When it comes to mobile applications, security is an ongoing concern. And although security vulnerabilities have dipped recently, app security is still a concern for developers. Of all the applications that are tested at least 62 percent have either one or more serious or extremely critical security issues.

These vulnerabilities also make the application more susceptible to being exploited by hackers. So making app security a priority is now essential for mobile app developers, and it is expected to be the focus of app developers going forward.

Now mobile applications would need to be developed with the security concerns in mind, developers are expected to integrate more security features into the application. Developers should also do what they can to ensure that their code is hacker proof, and of course they should be on the lookout for any gaps in their app’s security and fix any they come across immediately, before any hackers use it as a means to exploit the application.

Applications that Fit All Form Factors

Nowadays you can find smartphones in all kinds of shapes and sizes, their manufacturers have had to push the limits of their imagination for the sake of innovation. Due to this a lot of new form factors have emerged, you can find fold able, roll able, slide able as well as flip phones among these form factors.

It is expected that a lot more new form factors will emerge the app developers will have to catch up accordingly and continue to adapt to the emerging trends in order to ensure the application’s success. The developers will have to work on developing applications that are able to work perfectly well in whatever device the user has. Whether the device has an expanded or compressed form, the apps should fit them either way.



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