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Latex Glove Supplier Malaysia



If you are in search of a reliable Latex glove supplier Malaysia, you have come to the right place. Kossan safety supplies are made from the best raw materials available. Hartalega is another reputed latex glove manufacturer in Malaysia. It has won numerous awards for producing high-quality gloves. It offers low-risk gloves (4 mil), powder-free gloves, and extended cuff gloves. Its daily production capacity is 14 billion gloves.

A leading manufacturer of latex and nitrile gloves is the Supermax Corporation Berhad in Malaysia. This company manufactures and exports latex medical examination gloves to over 146 countries around the world. Its own-brands are highly trusted by healthcare organizations, laboratories, and pharmaceuticals all over the world. The company has 11 manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and uses eco-friendly equipment and advanced technology for glove production. You can get the best quality of latex gloves from these suppliers in Malaysia.

One of the largest latex glove manufacturers in Malaysia is the Supermax Corporation Berhad. The group exports its products to more than 146 countries, including the US. They manufacture a variety of different materials and have developed a number of innovative and successful own-brands that are trusted by pharmaceuticals, cleanrooms, and laboratories. This company has over one hundred thousand employees and produces 17.6 billion pieces of latex examination gloves every year.

Other latex glove manufacturer in Malaysia is the Hartalega Group. It is the biggest producer of latex gloves in Asia and is exporting almost 100% of its products. Its renowned brand, Hartalega, is trusted by pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and laboratories around the world. With its 22 production lines, the company is the leading latex glove supplier in Malaysia. Its own-brands are certified to meet strict quality standards and are available in multiple sizes.

Supermax Corporation Berhad is one of the top latex glove manufacturers in Malaysia. It is a global supplier of latex gloves, and boasts a renowned brand, Semperit. Its own-brands are trusted by doctors, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies. Its manufacturing plant is ISO certified, and it uses the latest technology to produce high-quality products. Most reputable companies offer both latex and nitrile gloves.

The company’s own-brands are also reputable. Semperit produces and sells latex and nitrile gloves. It has 450 workers and 22 production lines. The factory is a GMP-certified facility. It supplies both nitrile and latex gloves, and offers various sizes. The company’s products are suitable for all kinds of applications. Whether you need a medical glove for a surgical procedure or for everyday work, it is important to find a reliable supplier.

Semperit, a renowned medical glove manufacturer in Malaysia, claims to supply 18% of the glove needs of its customers. Its own-brand products are highly reputed in the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. They are also certified with ISO-certified nitrile gloves. In addition to supplying high-quality latex gloves, Supermax is a world class latex glove manufacturer in Malaysia. They manufacture both nitrile and latex surgical gloves.

Supermax Corporation Berhad is a world-class latex glove supplier Malaysia. Its products are exported to more than 146 countries. It is also a world-renowned manufacturer of nitrile gloves, with its patented and own-brands. Its main customers are laboratories, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals, and exports to over 145 countries. The company also has ISO certifications in latex and nitrile surgical gloves.

In addition to latex gloves, the manufacturer of nitrile gloves is located in Malaysia. It is a leading international manufacturer of latex gloves, with a global reach and a number of prestigious clients, including many pharmaceutical companies. The company’s GMP-certified manufacturing facility allows it to meet the requirements of hospitals and laboratories. It also produces nitrile gloves in bulk, in bags of ten or twenty gloves.

Top Glove Corporation is a global manufacturer of latex gloves. Its main factory is in Malaysia and has 144 other production units in different countries. It has over 18,000 employees and a capacity of 73.4 billion pairs of gloves per year. Its other products include nitrile, vinyl, and chloroprene examination gloves. However, the company has temporarily shut down 28 of its factories in November due to the global shortage of latex examination gloves.