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Launch the Fantasy Cricket App that guarantees supreme entertainment for users



Hey there! Have you ever come across people who hate cricket? No, right? A game that enthralls viewers and makes them go crazy. Cricket is one of the most celebrated across the globe, and that has a huge fan base. So, here is an idea to give more enthusiasm to the cricket enthusiasts. The fantasy cricket app development is the talk of the town. The fantasy sports apps are the new normal in the Play Stores. Bored of usual games and excited by cricket, people are searching for fantasy cricket games. Hence, here is the app development idea that unites cricket enthusiasts and provides them with different gaming options.

Fantasy Cricket App Development That Assures Entertainment

The fantasy apps provide the utmost entertainment to users as they can participate in many tournaments and win prize money. Who will say no to an app that gives them surreal entertainment coupled with rewards? There are many interesting features awaiting in the upcoming sections. Come and take a look!

How To Use The Fantasy Cricket App?

The first impression is the usability of the app. As cricket is loved by people of all ages, the app needs to be lucid to use. Let us go through the workflow of the app, and you will get convinced with the simplicity of usage.

Step 1: The first step is the registration formalities. On completion of the registration, they can get into the app.

Step 2: Users will look through the scheduled tournaments and participate in any of the tournaments by paying the entry fees.

Step 3: After the commencement of the tournament, users will keep a check on the scores using the live score feature of the app.

Step 4: At the end of the tournament, users will get to know whether they have won or lost. If they win, they will get the rewards.

Step 5: After the results, the rewards will be credited to the user’s account, which can be withdrawn by users at any time.

In-built Features Of The App

The User App


Registration is compulsory for new users. Otherwise, existing users can just enter their in-app credentials and log in. 

Search field

Users can search for upcoming tournaments or preferred tournaments by typing the names in the search field.

Form teams

Since cricket is a team game, users will have to create teams. They can create a team, name it, and add players to it.

Create tournaments

If you think users can only participate in already created tournaments, then you are wrong. Apart from participating in tournaments, the app lets them create tournaments. Users can give a name, add players, fix the prize money, etc.,


We idolize leaders, right? The app’s leaderboard feature will list out the players who are leading in performances. Leaderboards will be updated constantly throughout the tournament.

Live scores

Once the tournament starts, users can check their live scores throughout the match.

User history

The history feature is where users can know about the number of tournaments participated, the number of matches won, lost, total rewards earned, and the performance deets.

Player statistics

To choose the players for the team, users must know their potential. Users can know the players’ performances, including the number of matches they played, matches they won/lost, scores, etc. Based on these statistics, users can decide which players to add to their team.

Refer and earn

Users can refer this exciting app to others with just a single click. All they have to do is share the referral link with their friends. If they join the app using the referral link, then the user who referred will receive referral points.

The Admin Panel

The admin, too, has the login credentials. He/She must log in to the app to manage the in-app happenings. From the dashboard, the admin can perform his role by monitoring the overall user activities seamlessly.

Tournaments management

The admin has full freedom to create, delete, or modify tournaments. The admin can do all these modifications right from the admin dashboard.

Rewards management

As said before, the users will get reward points for every referral they bring in. In this regard, the admin will decide the reward points for users.

Here Are The Ways To Monetize The App 

Registration fees – You can fix registration fees for new users who join the app. 

Participation fees – A certain amount can be fixed as participation fees. Users will have to pay the participation fees to join or create any tournaments.

Advertising charges – You can advertise various brands or products on your app and get paid.


Are you convinced about the development of the fantasy cricket app? Before launching the app, know your potential users, plan your strategies, and yes, you are all set to launch your fantasy cricket app.