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Launching a Transportation App in 2021: Latest Trends & Essential Things You Need to Know

Launching a Transportation App in 2021

Hello! No big surprise that the private transportation industry has come so far over the formative years. Technology coupled with intuitive business ideas molded private transportation into people’s preferable modes of commutation. What do you think would be the core of this blog? We will be having a detailed discussion on launching a transportation app and what are the features that are trending. Shall we take a deep dive?

Features of the transportation app that are in trend

  • Geolocation

Geolocation is one of the trending safety features that is a must in your transportation app. While traveling users can locate the area to which they are currently moving. They can even share their location with others and let them track. For drivers, geolocation helps in discovering the user’s location effortlessly. Whenever the driver leaves out the specific geographical location, the app will send alerts to caution the driver. All thanks to the geolocation feature.

  • Panic button

Panic buttons have become mandatory that ensures safe commutation for users. Whenever users feel any threat for their safety while traveling, they can press the panic button. An alert message will be sent to the admin. The admin will reach out to the concerned driver and get to know the situation.

  • Tracking

Tracking is one of the best ever features that can be installed in the taxi app. The tracking feature is important as it lets users know about the location of their taxi. After booking the ride, the tracking feature will get enabled so that users can start tracking.

  • Fare estimation

One big advantage of fare estimation is that users can know the ride fare in advance. Ain’t this a really beneficial feature for users? The fare estimation feature of the app will give a transparent outlook to your business sweeping away the hidden charges.

  • Time of arrival

Letting users know the time of arrival of the vehicle is an amazing feature you can introduce in your app. Immediately after the user gives the location details, the app will calculate the time of arrival and display it for reference.

  • Push notifications

It is crucial to notify users regarding their bookings, invoices, and other promotional messages via push notifications. 

The above-stated are important features to include while developing your transportation app. Now, let us see the stages in creating the app.

Stages involved in developing your transportation app

  • Define your business objectives

It is important to define the objective or goal of your business like who will benefit from your services or who are your target customers. There can be two types of objectives,

 – You may develop your app for your own transportation business.

 – Or, you may sell the app as product-as-a-service to other transportation services.

  • Understand your audience

Understanding your audience and their preferences will help you offer services accordingly. To understand your customers or know who your customers will be, do a survey among customers. Apart from surveys, you must analyze your potential competitors to know why customers use their services.

  • App development

Once you are all set with your objectives and target audiences, you will seek an app developer to put your plan into action. While developing your app, it is one wise idea to choose clone app development, as it saves you from hefty investment and time. One of the popular transportation apps is the Uber clone app. There are many developers who develop this app and you have the freedom to customize the app. While customizing your app, ensure your app contains all the above-said features that gives a rich user experience.

  • Find drivers

If you are developing the app for your own business, you need to find the driving partners. Either you can employ full-time drivers or temporary drivers. Based on your budget and business size, you choose the employment of drivers. Nowadays, finding drivers is easy, as there are many outsourcing agencies through which you can hire drivers.

Points to consider while developing your transportation app

  • Lucid user interface

The first impression your app makes will be the user interface. No one will prefer a complex or a tricky user interface. Statistics say that 77% of customers leave the app, as they find it hard or complex to use. 

  • Responsive design

Your app should support any number of devices so that users can access your app from any device. A well-designed app will be flexible to devices with any type of resolution.

  • Loading speed

Loading speed is highly important to consider which will again decide whether users will stay or leave the app. The ideal loading time of an app is 2 seconds. Longer the loading time, there are chances for the users to leave your app.


The blog has circled some of the basic ideas for app development. Having plans to launch your transportation app is really appreciable. Make hay while the sun shines by developing the Uber clone app that has trending features and is also a cost-effective investment.