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Learn About Montessori Schools in Pune & Which are the Best Ones?


When putting their children through a schooling institution there are many things parents take into consideration. At the tender age of 3-5, our children start picking up the basics of life.

Now there are various reasons one puts their child into nursery school with a Montessori curriculum before primary and eventually secondary school. The first reason being that children at this age are very influential and are developing basic cognitive skills.

Now during this period they prefer to have a professional who would look over the child’s behaviour. Nursery school is established to allow a child to grow without inhibition and at the same time learn good habits that they’ll benefit from while in higher classes. The second reason being something that collaborated with the first. It’s the fact that some parents are working professionals and are required to admit their child into a nursery school so that they are looked over while the parents work. In this situation as well, parents want to see significant cognitive development in their child.

Hence the lack of time and want for development go hand in hand. Now as a City, Pune is one that nurtures its citizens into responsible young adults who give back to society while making their way through the world. The best place to start in order to ensure the right kind of guided growth for one’s child is Nursery school . When looking for Schools in Pune that offer a Montessori curriculum, I would advise the reader to look at schools in Hadapsar pune.

Even the teachers appointed in these institutions have been trained to guide children at a tender age , to help them enjoy their younger years while imbibing in them good behavioural habits. They are professionals who understand the emotional needs of a child and when and which direction to push a young one to make sure they later land on the right path.

In today’s world it is of utmost importance to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Nursery and preschool school help children develop their motor skills while enhancing their mental awareness.


It is now recognized as the best international school in the City . Owing to its unconventional education system, technological prowess and ‘SMART’ campus facilities, GIIS has earned a top place when it comes to imparting knowledge, sports or value- based learning. The institute has recently been awarded for ‘Teaching Excellence’ in the ‘Times School Online Education Survey 2020’.


This school opened in 1988 and is fondly known as the Mercedes-Benz International School. This institute has secured the mantle of ‘ Longest standing 3-Programme IB school in India’. It is not only a centre for students from India but has opened doors to students from around the Globe .