Learn Quran Translation Course is specifically designed for non-Arabs. Islam is a comprehensive lifestyle is based on the sacred book called Quran. Quran sets the rules of justice, law economics, the rule of wars, the social order as well as punishments for criminals as well as behavior with parents, and more. Almighty Allah is the one who has handed the Quran as the Holy Book in the form of the Quran to His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Arabic language. That’s the reason it is important for Non-Arabs it is essential to learn Quran with Urdu translation is as essential as learning Quranic Arabic itself. Since Quran was the Holy Book written in Arabic.


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It can be quite difficult for non-Arabs not to comprehend the Quran because it’s in a language that is not one they are familiar with. However, translations are made available in all the major languages.



This online training course aims to provide the fundamentals for understanding Arabic and its significance. Once the student has developed an appreciation of Arabic and its meanings, the implications are deduced based on the context within which Quranic verses were made clear.


In the Quran Translation learning course, we will provide live lessons in which students will be taught about the meaning behind The Holy Quran with step by step understanding of Arabic Grammar (included in the lessons) and allow students to be able to recognize the letters in that Arabic script.


Our skilled tutors guide students step-by-step in a way that even a toddler will be able to follow these rules with no difficulty and reach an age at which the child is able to comprehend the Quran on their own buy furniture online. The course also contains Quranic Arabic and grammar that assists in understanding the Quran after some time the student is able to translate around 80percent of Quranic words.



  • To be able to comprehend the words of God
  • To be aware of these Do’s and don’ts
  • To build faith
  • To become a true disciple
  • To establish a strong connection to Allah and be aware of the meaning behind your prayers and prayers



Quran translation is considered to be difficult due to numerous reasons. One of them is the instruction of precise translations from real Islamic writers. So, QuraOnline has developed its course, which includes online learn Quran with Urdu translation.


The students learn the meanings of a specific number of Arabic daily, only a handful at the beginning, and more words are added as they progress in their learning. Students also learn the meaning behind the verses word for word and the meaning behind every verse is clearly taught to the students.


Following reading the translations of verses people are taught the context behind the verses and the words. Our online Quran academy ensures accurate translation. After the completion of this course students are capable of understanding the meaning of the Quran and understand the contexts where these verses are revealed as well as what they mean.



Start to learn your understanding of the Quran in Arabic In time you will not need to depend on translations to comprehend the Quran you’re reciting completely. Focus more on your Salah since you can comprehend each word instead of just recollecting an unclear translation (or not understanding the meaning of any)Learn how the Imam saying while you are in the prayer of the congregation and remain to prayer instead of your thoughts wandering off while you sit in the waiting room for Takbir. You will be able to recall additional surahs from the Quran since you’ve expanded your Quranic vocabulary and are comfortable with how the language works. Arabic language. Experience a greater, deeper connection to Allah Almighty when you pray in The Quran and Hadiths because you are able to understand more of the terms you’ve learned.



Quran online offers the most knowledgeable male and female teachers who can help you master the Holy Quran with Urdu Translation online, word-for-word, using the basics of grammar. This course will assist you in understanding how to read the Arabic Text in the Quran.


The online Quran academy has a great experience in helping students translate the Quran using a method that allows each student to learn verse-by-verse and gradually leads to the ultimate goal sofa beds online. Presently, many students are learning how to translate the Quran by working with our experienced instructors. By the mercy of Allah the students are pleased by the progress they’re making.


Join our online Quran translation classes now and begin understanding the Quran in a way that is enjoyable as Islamic scholars from QuraOnline do their best to answer and teach every question regarding Islam as well as the Quran. Our teachers do hard to ensure that they make the Quran easy to comprehend and useful for each pupil so that they will gain more knowledge than they would expect from us.


If you’re looking to master Quran translation online QuraOnline is the ideal platform to go to. The program is based upon new research and methods and incorporates activity-based learning. QuraOnline provides an appropriate monitoring and reporting system and a final certificate for students.