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Lebanese Food Guide Where To Get It In Dubai


Lebanese cuisine is regarded as one of the most magnificent in the world. The reason for this is that it has been exposed to a variety of cultures. Everything is fascinating, from the appetizers, which are called Mezze, to the main meals, culminating with dessert. Simply put, nothing can go wrong with Lebanese cuisine; you will appreciate it beyond your wildest dreams. Sewar Restaurant,a top Lebanese restaurant in Dubai is famous among local and expats for their Lebanese delicacies.


Sewar Lebanese restaurant and café Dubai boasts a wide range of plates that will blow your mind, but let’s start with the appetizers or “Mezze,” as they are known. Hot and cold Mezze are tiny servings that will blow your mind, tickle your senses with each bite, and are frequently served with pita bread.


It’s just a type of sausage fried and coated with pomegranate molasses, served with fries dipped in the sauce. The combination of sweetness and sourness, as well as the subtle saltiness, is precisely correct. Sawada with pomegranate molasses is the same way; Sawada is simply chicken liver cooked to perfection.

Batata Hara

Potato cubes are cooked till golden brown, seasoned to taste, generally with coriander and chile, and topped with parsley. It’s a little hot, but it’s well worth the tingling sensation on your tongue when eating it. Usually served hot with a side of pita bread to savor.

Vine Leaves

We can refer to this platter as the Mezze Goddess and among the most popular item on famous Lebanese restaurants in Dubai. Stuffed and coiled vine leave with olive oil and pomegranate seeds. A mixture of rice and minced meat can be used to stuff it. It can be served cold or hot, but I guarantee it will grab your soul in either case. Those little wraps have a way of stealing your heart and making you addicted to them.


A vegetarian platter created with simple ingredients such as lentils, rice, onions, olive oil, and lemons, it’s healthful and delicious. Never leave without eating this platter, which is very easy to prepare and is amongst the most ordered mezze item at any Lebanese traditional restaurant.


It’s paper-thin slices of spit-roasted beef or chicken combined with parsley and tomatoes and served on top of Hummus or Fettah, which is Lebanese rice cooked with milk, bread, and shawarma all combined to aim straight for your heart and steal it with every spoon.


Falafel is your lifesaver if you’re looking for a light brunch. A simple typical Lebanese breakfast or brunch made with a blend of chickpeas or fava beans fried until golden brown served in pita bread with tahini sauce and lettuce, and your tummy and pocket will be happy dancing with delight.


Manakish is the way to go if you want to be light on your wallet and your stomach. Manoucheh is a dough that resembles pizza dough and can be topped with thyme and olive oil, labneh, minced meat mixed with tomato sauce, and various cheeses. Closed and cooked like an envelope, directly from the oven to your tummy to tickle it with love.


It’s a traditional plate passed down from the grandparent’s generation. The zucchini is typically packed with rice and minced meat, thenthoroughly boiled in tomato soup with garlic, mint, and onions. While eating it, you will be transported back in time, as it will remind you of your grandmother preparing the most delectable platters for you.

There’s also Lahm b Ajin and Saj, which are pizza dough-like bread covered with minced beef seasoned with fantastic spices and baked on a dome-shaped pan and folded into a ship or star shape to liven up your day. When it comes to main courses, you will never be lost. You can always find your way through one or more plates, and you will be satisfied.