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Let’s see how Best vastu consultant in Delhi fixes kitchen in north zone of vastu!

Best vastu consultant in Delhi

Best vastu consultant in Delhi says that each element of the panchatatva (air, water, fire, earth, space) must be placed in its suitable zone for it to create a perfect balance. 

In this regard the fire element (that is present in the kitchen area) needs to be placed in the south east or south of south east zones, according to Best vastu consultant in Delhi

However, if you are buying a flat or old house, you might not have the option to place the kitchen in your desired zone due to obvious reasons. So, what if it is present elsewhere?

What if the kitchen is present in the north zone instead? What damage it can cause to the fire element and the occupants? How to fix that with help of expert vastuvid? 

There are 16 directions that are accounted in vastu shastra evaluation. Every direction symbolizes a special element of panchatatva. 

For instance the south east and south of south east zones represents fire. Also, all the north zones (including actual north, north east and north west) represent water element in the vastu. 

Best vastu consultant in Delhi thus rightly says kitchen should be placed in south east for best result. Simultaneously, it goes without saying that, the north zones of the vastu are high unsuitable for it, since the properties of water and fire elements are anti to one another. 

So, among all the 16 zones, the least suitable zones for kitchen are all the 3 north zones and must be avoided in new properties to be on the safe side.

But if such a kitchen is placed already, what can be done without demolition? Well, thankfully the answer to that question is yes!

Best vastu consultant in Delhi can offer the most effective remedies to fix them easily. It usually includes redoing the kitchen interiors and using a suitable marble slab under the oven. 

The most suitable color for kitchen interiors is light pink, but alternatively, any light shade of red can also be used for it. Since they all represent the color red, redoing the wall paints will help restore balance.  

Additionally, you can place a slab of marble (a little larger in size than that of oven) under the oven for reducing the ill-effect associated with it. You need to keep either a Green baroda marble or yellow jaisalmer marble for the same. 

Out of 16 zones, some are compatible for green marble, while the rest of them are suitable for yellow marble. Vastuvid can determine which one you need based on your zone and other factors. 

You can also consider keeping some indoor plants or vastu item in the kitchen area as well. Additionally installing Elixer in the vastu can also help balancing the fire element in vastu. 

Out of all the remedies discuses above, you might need any one, two or all for it to work effectively. It is best to let the expert vastuvid determine the same for you. 

Get in touch with Best vastu consultant in Delhi to know more about vastu compliant kitchen interiors. Visit Vaastu Mangaal for more information. 

Description- Let’s see how Best vastu consultant in Delhi fixes kitchen in north zone of the vastu with simple remedies.