Limitless multi-platform app development with Flutter

Flutter is a native app development framework that has been widely viewed as the future of cross-platform mobile applications. The framework, which made its first cry in 2015, has already made a strong app market … Read More

Flutter is a native app development framework that has been widely viewed as the future of cross-platform mobile applications. The framework, which made its first cry in 2015, has already made a strong app market presence much faster than its peers. In fact, you might find it contradicting but according to Statistaroughly 39% of all mobile app developers use Flutter technologies, making it the second most-loved framework in the world.  


Today, Flutter-based apps deliver the best native features and robust app development applications, which has brought it several steps ahead in the mobile app development domain. With an overwhelming response from numerous business owners, top mobile app development companies are experiencing heavy demand in Flutter-based multi-platform mobile apps. 


But the question remains unanswered. Why do business owners choose Flutter mobile app development services? Does it bring an advantage over other cross-platform mobile app development, mainly React Native and Xamarin? Continue reading our blog to find out all the answers to your questions related to Flutter app development company.  


How Flutter delivers limitless multi-platform app development services 


Saves expenditure 

One of the foremost reasons business owners are inclined towards Flutter app development services is developing dual app interfaces for both Android and iOS devices using a single codebase. This property allows the developers to allocate lower budget expenses towards implementation and framework run-check, thus reducing the project budget significantly.  


Faster development 

Flutter offers an opportunity to access robust testing features like ‘Hot Reload’ that readily reduces the time during app testing. While the app development can take forever to build, Flutter app development services reduces your mobile app’s overall development time by 2-3 months of product deadline, making your app development and launching much faster than other frameworks. 


Highly portable 

Another significant advantage of using Flutter SDK is its capability to embed two or more digital displays, including mobile phones or television and join them together efficiently. Moreover, entrepreneurs can also maximize the use of various digital technology, including IoT and Artificial Intelligence by using Flutter’s high portability nature to deliver an overall usage approach to their customers.  


UI universality 

Flutter paved the way to maximize user retention rates by introducing the Flutter UI Universality feature in the latest Flutter 2.0. With this, mobile app development companies can now develop universal applications for all versions and major platforms. This way, a user who uses the Android Jelly Bean operating system can exercise all the latest app functions similarly to that of another user using the latest iOS X OS at zero extra dollar.  


Opensource nature 

Contrary to many popular app development frameworks, Flutter delivers an end-to-end open-source platform that enables global developers to keep adding their work online constantly. Not only does this make Flutter Store more extensive every day, but it also introduces limitless design options and abundant motion APIs that are more than enough to make your app powerful and highly native.  


Requires minimum maintenance 

One of the best perks about Flutter is its Dart Coding language which helps developers to create and compile easy-to-handle algorithms directly into the native code. While many other popular languages require line-to-line monitoring of your framework, which consumes most of the development time, Flutter lets the tool do all the heavy lifting and brings scarce compatibility problems for your mobile app.  


Backed by Google 

Did we mention that Flutter is developed by none other than Google? The tech giant has been the parental supervisor of the Flutter framework since its inception. The company firmly believes in modernist solutions that can help new entrepreneurs reach a level of corporate confidence. That’s why it has been announced that every mobile app developed using Flutter comes with lifetime Google support with the latest features and add-on amenities.  


In today’s market, having a custom-built native app is evident to ensure your business growth. As the industry is more rapidly changing than ever before, consulting an expertise mobile app development team is crucial to ensure your app fulfils all your current market expectations while generating a positive return on investments.  


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