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Lists of Top Free Accounting Software Similar to Quickbooks

Accounting software similar to Quickbooks

Many people and companies have made extensive use of QuickBooks. This doesn’t automatically make it the best; however, this program is excellent and popular. But if you are looking for accounting software similar to Quickbooks, then this post has outlined the top free alternatives to QuickBooks and why you should choose them above QuickBooks.


Like QuickBooks, Xero is an accounting program, but it is a free online alternative to QuickBooks. Xero is renowned for its pleasant user experience as an accounting app.

It makes it possible to carry out financial operations smoothly, without any tension or other stress. Now the question arises, why is Xero more appropriate as compared to the Quickbooks services

It has a friendly GUI, which, among other accounting software, marks it out.

  • It is designed to allow users to navigate through options quickly.


Freshbooks still form a good record as well as QuickBooks in terms of success and wide use. As an alternative and rival to QuickBooks, Freshbooks is much more versatile and provides permanent solutions than QuickBooks. Here are some of the reasons why Freshbooks is an excellent Mac and Windows free QuickBooks alternative for you.

  • It enables you to set up an automated payment reminder.
  • It’s so simple as it gets updated daily automatically and doesn’t have to do any manual entry for your costs. FreshBooks will do that for you automatically.
  • It enables you to delete long overdue invoices that have yet to be paid quickly.
  • Managing bills is faster and quicker.


Users and organizations can combine accounting operations with professionally crafted customer invoices with wave accounting software. It also provides users with free financial forecasts, receipts and helps for credit card payments should pick the wave because:

  • Fast and intuitive software that, without any jargon in mind, holds small business owners.
  • It’s not only free, but a receipt comes for every expense.
  • Invoicing can also be done on your iOS and Android smartphone apps and run your company from anywhere.
  • It provides efficient accounting with a simple dashboard, accountant-friendly applications, and unrestricted bank and credit card ties.

Zoho books:

Zoho Books also has a user-friendly app, just like Xero accounting software that provides small businesses with smooth accounting and bookkeeping activities.

One of Zoho Books’ unique solutions that make it a great QuickBooks rival is that it helps provide clients with professionally crafted invoices that can be personalized to suit their desired look.

  • Zoho Books offers more than 50 different business reports for your company’s smooth running, such as Profit and Loss statement, Inventory review, Sales Tax report, etc.
  • Zoho Books maintains receivables in books, generates customer figures, transforms them into invoices, and makes it easy to pay online.
  • You can get all of your contacts in one place with Zoho Books for quicker and easier communication.

Sage 50 Cloud:

This accounting platform incorporates the excellence of desktop computing with the software described by the cloud. Not only is it easy to understand, but it is very versatile and creative as well. Best of everyone, Sage Accounting has a brilliant smartphone app which you can use when on the go to carry out all your bookkeeping duties. You can work through using features availability of online with the Sage 50 cloud-free trial.

Sage 50 Cloud has the following features as a better, free, online QuickBooks alternative:

  • To provide support and instruction, its customer care service is always open.
  • The cloud platform is so versatile that it can be accessed anywhere and at any time.
  • All information saved on the cloud is automatically backed up to prevent data loss of any kind.

Oracle NetSuite:

Oracle NetSuite offers a cloud Financial Management Solution. The consolidated level down to the individual transactions will give you full real-time insight into your company’s financial results.

It has a complete connection with all the functions of NetSuite order management, inventory, CRM, and e-commerce, thus streamlining your vital business processes.

  • It offers an elegant approach for planning, budgeting, and forecasting that will shorten cycle times, involve business users, and enrich the planning process.
  • Oracle NetSuite has the capabilities of billing management to combine your sales, finance, and fulfilment teams. It would increase precision and remove errors in billing.
  • It offers management features for Sales Identification to comply with accounting requirements and publish financial reports on time.
  • Oracle NetSuite has “close to disclose” capabilities without precedence.


If your specifications are lower, do not go for the tools with highly advanced features. Do not choose the device with fewer features if you have higher requirements, directly impacting your business activities.

Through analyzing, surveying, and searching at all the choices available, you need to make a proper decision about what you want. We’ve explored QuickBooks Tool Hub alternatives in this post. Choose the tool that best fits your company budget and business targets.