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When backpage was seized, it hurt the U.S. all. Almost every publicizer that paid to put ads on backpage.com had some kind of cash in their account once it absolutely was closed. For some, that was a buck or two, for others, it was lots of and even thousands of dollars. localxlist.com has launched, and backpage alternatives that currently have over 100k ads placed. traffic is growing daily, and our users are becoming quality calls from sensible clients. We need to assist those hurt by the closing of backpage. To be clear we have a tendency to don’t seem to be in any method form or type related to them, affiliated, and so on we are a replacement business, and don’t seem to be liable for taking your cash. But we have a tendency to do support individuals during this trade, as we are in this industry as well. if you had money taken from you throughout the backpage shutdown, send a U.S. associate email at info@localxlist.com with the calculable amount, and any proof you will have (not required) of these funds being sent to them. additionally, embrace your localxlist registration email. We are operating with advertisers everywhere around the globe to assist out. No, we are not getting to simply refund all of your money… (we didn’t take it!) however we are going to work to help you and try to form up for it. Why? Like we have a tendency to said, we are during this trade ourselves… and albeit as a result of we can. Copyright © 2019 localxlist.org, All rights reserved.You are receiving this