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A Problem Locksmith St Kilda


In the City of Melbourne, Locksmith St Kilda is a reputable and trusted locksmith service providing a wide range of lock options to all clients. Whether it’s keeping your family’s valuables safe or your most prized possessions, every item has to be installed correctly and, ideally, protected by the best locksmith in the industry. At Locksmith St Kilda, we always insist on providing our clients with only the top quality security equipment, from the smallest key cutting tool to the largest and most sophisticated anti-burglary alarm systems, and guarantee the highest standard of service to all our clients in Melbourne.

Different services including:

“I’ve been using a number of different services including a Carlton locksmith and now I’ve settled on Locksmith St Kilda. It’s nice to know that I can trust this company with anything I need to protect my property. They have knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always helpful. My husband was out the back door when our house was broken into last week and I was lucky to come home to find the police and firemen had made the discovery. The service they provided was excellent.”

Melbournewood Apart from the professional approach of all their staff, one of the main reasons why people choose Locksmith St Kilda over other providers is because of their relative accessibility. All their lockers are easily accessible and are available for immediate use when required. “We’ve always had a problem with old, scratched and corroded door locks,” says Mike. “They tended to jam more often than not and when that happened, we had to call in the specialists.”

Master key Another key factor which has helped us find us the right locksmith in Melbourne, Australia is their willingness and ability to work within the boundaries of a master key system. “We decided early on in our search to go with a local company based in the area,” says Mike. “Locksmith St Kilda was the first of the names to pop up and their master key system is also a firm favourite. When choosing a locksmith, it’s always good to know you can rely on them to have a fresh pair of locks whenever you feel the need.” This kind of security is usually only offered by some of the big names in the industry.

Emergency lockout:

Emergency lockout Our family home recently experienced a calamity that could have been quite serious if we hadn’t contacted emergency locksmith services. Just before we went to bed, our teenage daughter came downstairs to see her new boyfriend. After a few moments of awkward silence, she said, “Can I have him in just a second?” The emergency locksmiths heard our daughter and called an operator who locked the door behind them, fixed a new key and unlocked the door just in time to have our teenage daughter safely back in our home before anyone else could get in.

Professional locksmiths Our family home had a pretty regular security system until about six months ago. The main door lock was fitted using a deadbolt and we used a combination lock. Our main concerns were keeping the existing keys out of the lock and preventing anyone from opening the house illegally by bumping into the front door. About a year ago, we also replaced the internal sliding doors with glass paneled one, but the new locks were not long lasting.

An emergency locksmith We turned to our local locksmiths kilda to investigate the situation. One of the locksmiths, Guy, went out to look at the lock. He advised us to try and make a replacement lock using a deadbolt and a matching key. It was an idea that would have saved us a lot of money as replacing the lock would have been outside the range of most household budgets. Luckily we were not a very large home so Guy used a small jackhammer to make the adjustment and the lock was good as new!


This story illustrates why it’s important to use a professional locksmith in any emergency, even when you are only trying to rectify a minor problem such as locking your keys inside the car. It can save you a lot of time and money if you have to call in a locksmith at short notice. If you find yourself locked out of your own home or office, don’t try to tackle it on your own. Hire a locksmith from a local locksmiths kilda. You will be surprised how much better they will be at keeping you and your possessions safe.