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look simple and stylish in all in one designer thobes UK


Almost 67% of men in the UAE won more than 50 designer thobes for men to change and replace them daily. They want more varieties in colors and Martials of the fabric that we are more than happy to provide. The long white dress with full sleeves is called the kandura and it is the main component of the whole attire of average UAE men wear. Thobe, thawb, and dishdasha are the most famous names you can call them by.

What are the designer thobes for men thobes and how do they differ from place to place?

What are the Emirati thobe and Omani thobe?

The Omani thobe is Oman’s national dress. It is the same for all the men all around the country. Its main components include dishdasha, wizard khanjar, and a turban or a cap.

The Emirati thobe is the UAE national dress. The men of the UAE wear a long single robe that is either called dishdasha or kandura. It is called thobe in aside Arabia.

What is a Kuwaiti thobe?

This type of thobe or robe has a collar with a highlighted ban along the chest that has buttons on it. The headpiece has a gotra that is symmetrical with its length, it falls over the shoulder and throws over the ends over the head. If the view from the front the shape seems to be of scale. A Kuwaiti thobe does not have a tassel attached to the collar of the dishdasha.

Why is Emirati thobe different from other thobes?

The Emirati version of this thobe is collarless and has a loose tassel. If you want some on the decorative side you can also find some with embroidery on the front and the sleeves. But it has to be kept in mind these small features differ from kandura to kandura that is worn on the whole Arab gulf.

How is Omani thobe different?

It is a long dress that is collarless. It has the length from the height of your neck to your ankles. As Oman is a dessert area people in summer prefer white cotton Omani thobe. Omani robes differ from season to season. Wearing white-colored clothes in the summer heat is said to keep you cool. Although white is the preferred color to wear in summer for Omani men you can also wear many other different, lighter shaded colors, but when it’s winter the fabric becomes thicker and materials like wool Omani thobe are worn. This article of clothing is different from the Omani robes in length and the tassel that is on the chest. With Omani robes, the tassel is shorter and more shifted to the right side of the thobe. It is called tarbousha. Here is a fun tidbit! Did you know that many men use scented tarbousha’s traditionally? But it has to be kept in mind these small features differ from kandura to kandura that is worn on the whole Arab gulf.

Seasonal thobe: As you must know UAE is a desert and it is scientifically proven that white is the color that is the coolest to wear when it is hot out. But if you are more partial to colors then you can also find colored thobe colors like brown, blue, green, black, grey and so many other colors you desire. The darker colors are seen more in winters with thicker fabric than in summer. Seasonal dishdasha is designed by keeping the material and the color in mind.


What kind of fabrics are used to make your designer thobes in the UK?

Many customers when looking for a designer thobe to buy want a thobe that is airy and light on the skin in summers to beat the desert heat and thick and comfortable in the winters to beat the chill. That is why many companies prefer fabric types that are 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Why? Well, the reasons are quite simple:

  • Easy to wash
  • No following was delicate washing routines
  • Less prone to crease
  • Soft material
  • Durable and reliable
  • Resistant to tears

Thickness and length

When you are buying designer thobes for men online you need to make sure that it checks all your boxes of basic requirements. The length of a traditional thobe is never being shorter than your ankles. And you sometimes cannot see properly the measurements and pictures of the product online. So here is an easy tip to find out what length suits you the best. Just take a measuring tape and start measuring your height from your shoulders to ankles.

While the thickness of the fabric is consistent with the occasion of the time you want to wear it on. If it’s winter or summer. Your wardrobe and its choices are heavily dictated by the weather or the season of the year.

So get on your phone! You can find everything online! So what are you waiting for buy your designer thobes for boys today and look elegant in your thobe? These designer thobes will be the best addition to your wardrobe you will ever see.