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Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform


Magento is the most popular eCommerce development platform today. An skilled Magento developer from the United States offered some fascinating information.

Magento is the most popular eCommerce website, and it acquired popularity almost immediately following its inception a few years ago. Despite the fact that there are several eCommerce platforms accessible, open source codes, free availability, enhanced functionality, and usability have attracted eCommerce developers.

There was no appealing platform for the eCommerce business that could assist developers and retailers in conveniently displaying goods in virtual shelves. Magento was built a few years ago to address this issue. It’s a platform with high expectations that meets all of an online store’s basic requirements.

This ground-breaking eCommerce software platform has opened up a whole new universe of possibilities for online retailers and developers. This wonderful platform is now used by millions of internet stores all around the world.

Do you want to learn more about this wonderful platform? Take a look at these amazing numbers.

Magento is responsible for about 2% of the Internet’s traffic:

Starting with the first intriguing fact about magento 2 development firm, it is expected that the platform can give roughly 2% of all active eCommerce websites. The platform was intended to make the installation and operation of online retailers easier. It’s a big platform, far larger than any Drupal or WordPress CMS platform. With all of its functionality and features, Magento has a sizable eCommerce market share today.

Shops on the internet Magento has about 250,000 users: Magento today has about 250,000 eCommerce sites, and this number is steadily increasing as new online businesses are added every day. The platform’s popularity has grown as a result of the way eCommerce and development organisations gravitate to it because of its manageable features.

Magento comes preloaded with numerous of themes and extensions, including:

Magento, in fact, has over a thousand extensions in its catalogue. The first version of this extension had nearly half of it, while the second version had the remainder. With the quick and easy installation of the appropriate extensions, creating an e-store is quicker and faster. This is why most developers are motivated, whether they are specialists or amateurs.

The platform comes with a number of pre-installed templates and themes that can be used to create stunning BUI designs and online store layouts. Apart from these additions, the majority of the above is sensitive, guaranteeing that the visual aspect of the pages is constant across all platforms, regardless of screen size or resolution.

This platform is used by the majority of large brands: The platform’s scalability makes it appropriate not just for small but also for major eCommerce businesses. It contains features that are appropriate for all eCommerce businesses. As a result, Magento has become the platform of choice for a number of well-known online shops.

This platform can handle a large volume of online customers while also maintaining the web presence of their big businesses. Only Magento can handle the deluge of inventories and orders that occur every hour. This is the primary reason why a well-known company continues to employ this channel.

Every day, Magento receives over 5000 downloads:

According to the most recent Magento statistics, this platform has a daily user base of over 5000 users who access it straight from the official website. This equates to 150,000 monthly downloads. In a month’s time. Isn’t this a significant figure? Yes, and it’s all because to the platform’s fantastic capabilities, particularly the enhanced features of the most recent version.

Magento is the only eCommerce platform that allows developers and merchants to manage many enterprises from a single back-end dashboard. This platform feature allows developers and dealers to avoid having to operate many e-stores in different geographies.

Magento is an open source platform that offers limitless possibilities in the world of eCommerce, according to the magento 2 development firm. This scalable, stable, and simple platform has been picked by every retail online company.

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