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Magic Truffles – All That You Need to Know

Magic Truffles – All That You Need to Know

Magic truffles are also known as ‘Psilocybin Truffles’ or ‘Philosopher’s Stones’. They are a type of psychoactive fungus having psychedelic molecules, psilocybin and psilocin. They also have a relation to magic mushrooms. Although, both the magic truffles and magic mushrooms belong to the identical species of psychoactive fungi, the philosopher’s stones are merely at a distinct stage of fungal development than shrooms. Truffles are a dormant form of fungus that is, known as ‘Sclerotia’. Truffles have powerful psychedelic effects; however, you will surprise to know that all of them are not psychedelic.

The Non-Psychedelic Truffles:-

You should know if you want to buy magic truffles that not all truffles are psychedelic. Among the hundreds of species producing truffles, fewer than a dozen have psychedelic properties. Truffles have acquired the word, ‘magic’ with them owing to the two psychoactive molecules (psilocybin and psilocin) that they carry. Some of the mon-psychedelic truffles are a cooking delicacy and a few actually tasty species are also arduous to farm. On the other hand, psychedelic truffles are simple to grow and harvest in contrast to culinary truffles. You can even farm and harvest psychedelic truffles in artificial environments.

Psychoactive Truffles:-

Several species of philosopher’s stones are psychoactive because they contain psilocybin. For the same reason, they have earned the name, ‘magic truffles’ or ‘psychedelic truffles’. The know species of such truffles embrace Psilocybe Tampanensis, Psilocybe Mexicana, Psilocybe Atlantis, and Psilocybe Galindoii.

Are Magic Truffles Legal?

Truffles containing psilocybin are legal to buy and consume. The freshest and dried magic truffles are sold in head shops, and at the lowest possible prices that you can think of. Truffles are popular throughout the world, especially, in the following there countries: Netherlands, England, and America. If you want to feel well-being and euphoria while consuming mushrooms, truffles should be your pick.

Why Should You Opt for Magic Truffles?

Truffles are ideal for a retreat. When truffles get dried, they contain a lower concentration of psilocybin as compared to dried mushrooms, which is enough to induce profound psychedelic experiences. Truffle users report that truffles’ trips are less intense and last for a short time than magic mushrooms because truffles are produced more carefully and packaged with reliable dosage information. The magic truffles provide a reliable and controlled dose of psilocybin that is, crucial to the comfort of people who consume them. However, you should know one thing that truffles are more expensive than shrooms but if you want to enjoy the best state of well-being and euphoria, truffles should be your pick from the head shops.

Where Are Truffles Found?

Legally, you can purchase the freshest or dried psilocybin truffles from the Netherlands; however, some countries also ship them to other countries in a legal way. Growing your own truffles from growing kits or magic mushrooms spores is possible and legal also. The harvesting process of truffles is even simpler than shrooms but requires some patience. Truffles and shrooms grow in the wild in the majority of countries having a suitable climate

How Are Magic Truffles Grown?

They are grown in an artificial environment. The technique entails growing psilocybin mushroom spores in a damp, humid, and germ-free environment without letting the environmental conditions become suitable for entire mushroom growth. In this way, the fungi remain in the truffle stage and then harvest when reaching the greatest possible size. You can conveniently buy a fully-matured truffle from your local grower or a head shop which means you don’t need to invest time in the process to grow truffles all by yourself.

Experiencing the Magic Truffles:-

Magic truffles give rise to the same euphoric feelings as magic mushrooms. You can ingest them in different ways. You can eat them as fresh and brew them into a tea. The dried truffles can be packed into capsules. If truffles are ingested as ginger-infused tea, you will feel their strong taste. Such truffles also aid to settle the stomach as some people can experience nausea from truffles.

Truffles’ effects are very intense, the users describe intense changes in their perceptions, including bodily sensations, deep emotional insights, and mystical experiences. You will start feeling out of this world once you ingest truffles. During the trip, you will feel euphoria and a sense of complete immersion in your surroundings. You may feel that the shapes are becoming blurred in front of you and the air is of hazy quality. The surfaces may seem to you to developing swirling patterns.

The color will start to seem brighter, more intense, and change completely. The characters may appear different to you once you touch them. You will feel hypnotized by the beauty of flowers and plants surrounding you. The trip can last for four to eight hours, depending on the dose you take and the individual’s sensitivity.

Some Magic Truffles That You Should Buy Online:-

Isn’t magic truffles trip magical? Aren’t you now interested to buy truffles online? You can conveniently buy magic truffles online. Some of the popular magic truffles products include Utopia (It’s High Quality), Hollandia (Its’ the Strongest), and Tampanensis (It’s Medium-Sized).


Magic truffles are known by many names, and the two well-known names of truffles include the ‘Philosopher’s Stones’ and ‘Psilocybin Truffles’. There are also non-psychedelic truffles. Truffles have earned the word, ‘magic’ with them owing to the magical euphoria that they produce. Psychoactive truffles are called psychoactive owing to the psilocybin that they contain. Truffles are very popular in the U.S. (United States), the U.K. (United Kingdom), and the Netherlands. If you want to have a retreat, truffles should be your pick. Truffles trips last for a short time, in contrast to magic mushrooms, and you can conveniently purchase them from head shops. The driest and the freshest truffles are found in the Netherlands. The artificial environments are considered as the best to grow truffles. You can ingest truffles in loads of different ways, such as brewed with tea, in the capsules, or as fresh. Last but not least, some of the best quality truffles that you can find online include Hollandia, Tampanensis, and Utopia.