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Major Reasons: Why Are Indians Opting for Induction Stoves over Gas Stoves?

The future of cooking is changing, and many Indians are now choosing induction stoves over the conventional gas stovetops. If you look at today’s modern homes, most of them will have an induction cooktop. This is because of the several benefits that they come with, including the convenience with which they can be used.

Reasons why Indians are opting for induction stoves over gas stoves.


Using an induction stove for cooking saves a lot of time, thanks to its precise temperature control feature. You can  quickly increase or decrease the temperature as per your needs. Gas stovetops take a longer time to heat as heat is transferred indirectly through a burner. In the case of an induction stove, electromagnetic energy is used to  transfer the heat to the vessels or pans directly. This is one of the important reasons why induction stoves are better than gas stoves.


People love the convenience offered by induction cooktops. You don’t need any expert help to install it like a gas stove, and you don’t have to book a cylinder once in a month or so. Further, since they are portable, you can easily use them even in your bedroom, dining room, patio, or elsewhere, provided there’s an electrical socket. The pre-set menu options make it easier to use this kind of stove. If you are boiling milk or making soup, you can select the desired option with a single touch. This adds even more to the convenience.


Induction stoves are very compact in design when compared to gas stoves. So, you don’t need much counter space. When it comes to gas stoves, you need a lot of counter space andspace for storing the cylinder. If you have an extra cylinder, then that again adds up to the storage space. Induction stovetops are highly preferred by people living in compact homes.

Enhanced Safety

With gas stoves, you have to be very careful while using them. If you leave it on accidentally without lighting the burner, there’s a very high risk of an explosion due to gas leakage. This could cause damage to properties and lives. On the other hand, an induction stove is one of the safest kitchen appliances to use, thanks to the overheating protection. This feature switches off the cooktop automatically if the utensil gets overheated. So, even if you leave it turned on accidentally, you don’t have to worry about safety.


An induction cooktop is environment-friendly and can reduce air pollution to a significant extent. It doesn’t release harmful gases into the environment like a gas stove. The environment will be safe, and cooking can be done more economically. This way, you would also be contributing your bit to saving the environment.


When you compare the cost required to operate a gas stove and induction stove, gas usage cost is more than electricity consumption charges. So, you can save significantly by using induction stoves. The initial cost of investment is also relatively less with induction stovetops. Though you can buy a gas stove for more or less the same price as an induction stove, you cannot use it until you buy a gas cylinder, which again costs a significant amount. In a nutshell, induction stoves are not only cheaper in terms of initial investment but also in terms of operating costs. Now that you have gone through the list of reasons, you would have understood why most of the Indians prefer to use an induction cooktop compared to gas stovetops. The convenience it offers and the ease with which you can operate it are second to none.