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Make Group Bookings with Jetblue and Avail big Discounts.

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Every person wishes to travel with their friends or family. We don’t want to leave our loved ones behind whenever we plan air travel. Unlike many other airlines, if you make Jetblue Booking for groups, you can avail of significant discounts and offers. Jetblue Airlines allows you to travel o with ten people or more as a group. Due to busy schedules, very few of us have time, and not everyone can afford to travel by air. But fret not, here, JetBlue offers you an alternative to group travel at a reasonable price.

Specific conditions for making Group Bookings

  • If you want to book a ticket as a family or as a group, you can choose to make up to 7 multiple bookings for seven passengers. 
  • In a group booking with JetBlue airlines, at least ten people can travel together. Passengers can maintain seats by paying $50 on each seat until 30 days before the flight. 
  • Cancellation of the group’s seat reservation will result in the forfeiture of all payments made.
  • It is recommended that you make a group booking on the same flight on the same day. 
  • If the customer travels separately from the group, the booking will be considered an individual JetBlue booking.
  • You must pay USD 50 per person within 14 days of booking to confirm the seat. 
  • If the group plans to travel is still temporary, you will pay your deposit within seven days from the date of booking. 
  • The airline will transfer your deposit to the final payment. If the passenger fails to pay before the due date, JetBlue Airways reserves the right to cancel the flight reservation.
  • You can make payments for domestic travel within 30 days before the flight departure date, whereas you should make the final payment 60 days before the flight departure for international flights.

If necessary, you can directly call Jetblue Telefono and contact the customer service team to make a booking for the group. Besides, you can also pay attention to your questions in the email sent to the JetBlue airline department. It is recommended that you check the airline’s regular quotations and transactions.