Home Business Make One’s Company More Efficient With Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Make One’s Company More Efficient With Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Make One's Company More Efficient With Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Continuous improvement is a must in today’s world of business. Companies must constantly challenge the status quo to succeed, and Black Belts are part of that challenge. Here are 8 benefits to being a lean sigma black belt:

  1. Business acumen

Black Belts have extensive knowledge in business, from finance to marketing to production and procurement. If one wants an authoritative voice on any topic related to a company, a black belt is their go-to person. You can get more information from
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  1. Valuable job skills

In addition to their broad understanding of how businesses operate, black belts also have adequate training in many tools used for both operational excellence and efficiency within companies. These include process mapping, kaizen events, 5s, pareto analysis, and others.

  1. Expert-level problem solver

As their knowledge of business continues to grow, so does their expertise in solving problems within organizations. So, if one has a vexing issue that needs resolution, look for the nearest black belt to help out. They are usually more than capable.

  1. Mentor

Due to their extensive training in lean six sigma, management often chooses black belts for special projects because of their ability to be team leaders and mentors for employees at all levels of the organization. This helps keep teams on track and gives them a valuable voice when it comes time for process improvement initiatives.

  1. Promotions

The more senior a position becomes, the more likely those holding those positions have black belt training. This is true at all levels, from the c-suite to middle management.

  1. Salary bump

The better their education and certifications, the more money a person makes—that’s how it works in today’s world and certified Six Sigma professionals are no exception to that rule. Often times we see Black Belts earning hundreds of dollars more than non-certified employees performing similar work with equal responsibilities. It’s the nature of the certification beast!

  1. Reliability and credibility

One can argue that one benefit of being a black belt is not having to prove themselves again and again as value is assumed due to one’s experience and knowledge gained through training and certification. But, whatever they do, don’t underestimate the power of their black belt certification. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to great effect when working with others or interacting with upper management.

  1. Recognition

Last but certainly not least, workplace recognition. Black belt certifications are valued by employers who understand the value of having their employees educated and skilled at problem-solving. In addition, these certifications are seen as a sign of dedication and hard work—two traits that any qualified employer looks for in an employee.

Remember, whether they’re helping out new employees, mentoring others within an organization, solving problems for managers and executives, or leading teams in process improvement initiatives, lean six sigma black belt training are integral cogs in today’s businesses. Their expertise is sought-after on many different levels across various industries, and their skills are always needed somewhere, so never hesitate to look for assistance from one of these experts whenever they need it!