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Make your marital life beautiful by marriage prediction


Human life is considered the ultimate life form of all. This form gives us many abilities to enjoy life. Marriage is one concept made by humans which brings two people together forever. Life feels complete when we have someone to share our joy and sorrows with. That is where marriages are made because they give you a life partner with whom you live for a lifetime.

However, this is not always the case, and marriages do break. This is because of various incompatibilities between two people who are married. This is where marriage prediction takes place. In India, they do it via Vedic astrology, where an astrologer matches up the horoscopes of two people and concludes their marriage compatibility.

Importance of Marriage Prediction Before Marriage

The astrologer checks the kundali is of the bride and groom before their marriage. Here he checks all the Gunas in their kundali and concludes based on the match. This step is vital because two people are going to spend their life together, and the marital life should be harmonious to feel alive in your marriage.

When the kundali is matched, this means the match would make a happy couple. They will support each other in all the sorrows in life and will cherish each other in good moments. Hence with marriage prediction, you win half of the battle of your marital life by knowing if your partner is a suitable match for you or not.

Even if, in some cases, two kundali are not well-matched due to some doshas, the astrologer suggests some remedies. By following these remedies, marital harmony can be achieved by nullifying the effects of afflicted planets.

Why is Marriage Necessary for Human Life?

Marriage brings two souls together who make a bond together and spend their lives with each other for a lifetime. Relationships are always important as humans are social beings. However, we humans also need someone whom we can rely on for every emotion. After a certain age, we all want a person who stands by our side and supports us in every up and down, and that is why we need a life partner.

Marriage brings true love in your life, and marriage becomes the foundation for the next generation where you create offspring of your family. Marriage gives you a strong friendship and brings colors to your life. However, if you will be fortunate to experience marital bliss or not depends on your compatibility with your life partner. This is why marriage prediction is an important element that can’t be ignored.

This prediction showcases you a blueprint of your future marital life with the partner you choose. With this prediction, all the possible problems can be resolved beforehand, which happens due to the malefic effects of planets.

Marriage Prediction by Birth Chart

Generally, the birth charts of the bride and groom are analyzed by an astrologer. However, in many cases, when there is no birth chart, the astrologer notes down the date of birth. These numbers help him create a birth chart and know the position of your planets and stars. Some people also don’t know their exact date of birth; in this case, the astrologer asks for their name or the initials of their name, which was given to them at the time of birth.

Late Marriage and Astrology

Many people face obstructions in their path of marriage. They can’t find a suitable life partner, and the reasons can be various. However, astrology plays an important role in determining how later or early you will get married.

Hence one can get their kundali analyzed by a professional astrologer to know if there are any hurdles in their path of marriage. This should be done when you think you are late for marriage or if no suitable partner is coming in your path for a long time. Once you have a potential partner, you can go for marriage prediction.

An astrologer always checks the 7th house to determine which elements are delaying your marriage. He then checks the 2nd and 4th house, which represent your domestic environment. Other houses are also significant to determine the reason for late marriage or problems in a marriage. Hence the astrologer also checks for the 1st and 9th house, which represent marriage and quality of marital life.

When some planets are malefic, they also delay marriage and cause problems in a marriage. For example, if the 7th house is empty or is full of malefic planets, then this gives many complications to the partners.

A professional astrologer brings the ultimate solution to all these problems. Consult an astrologer today and get all your questions answered.