Home Business How to make your website successful to make it perform better?

How to make your website successful to make it perform better?

How to make your website successful to make it perform better?

So, you’re planning to get a website designed for your new business?

Well, that’s good. It is the right way to start your business.

However, make sure that it has the right ingredients to make it successful enough to perform better, and earn money for you.

The layout and design of your website should be top-notch, for it affects everything from conversions to links connectivity to your website, and more, all of which eventually, will tell upon your bottom-line.

Make sure your website also has the following elements.

Content should be mobile friendly

With more than 64% of all web traffic now taking place on a mobile device, and the percentage growth each year, you need to have a website that’s mobile-friendly. Also remember, that Google now indexes and ranks websites based on their mobile version.

Hence, it is not just the design and layout that should be mobile-friendly, but also the content on the site needs to be mobile-friendly.

The design and layout must be responsive and adapts to both the desktop and mobile screen size. This way, it will also adjust the website’s design, layout, and content, according to the scale and resolution of the device screen size and shape.

To make it truly mobile-friendly, avoid having pop-up ads in the content. Else this will reduce your site loading time, which means users will have to wait longer. Eventually, this will cause more bounce rates which must be avoided at all costs.

Content should be simple sans jargon

The content for your website should not only be mobile-friendly but also simple and easy to understand without the extravagance of certain terms and industry jargon. Else, the users will not be able to properly digest what the content is talking about.

The best way to go about it is to ensure that the content speaks the language of the audience, and understands their aspirations. In short, it should be understandable and easily approachable for the average user who may be a layman in most cases.

Have Keyword-Focused Headings

The headline of the content matter is what the users notice first and is what grabs their attention.

To make it count, the headline should be impactful, synergizing the better of two key requirements – SEO keywords and powerful descriptive wording.

Keywords let the reader knows that the website caters to what they have keyed in Google’s search box; and also makes it understandable to search engines thereby helping rank your website better. Similarly, powerful descriptive wording should highlight your business’s unique selling point. This will catch readers’ attention and convince them to stay put on your website, for long.

Have CTA buttons placed strategically

To make your website a worthwhile investment that truly makes money for your business, it should have a CTA (call-to-action) button. Not one, but at least in three to four places on the website.

They should appear in:

  • Bold colors with strong action words like Book Now / Buy Now, Sign Up, Grab the Offer, etc, will get the audience to act and react.
  • Different strategic areas of different pages of the website. Between two to five CTAs would be a good number to capture leads, and generate more revenue. CTAs should however be avoided positioned at the top or bottom of a web page.

Have good stock photos

To make your website captivating enough, ensure that it has high-quality, relevant stock photos.

The website can do with stock photos that are well-framed, and of a high resolution; contain people rather than objects, where possible; and come with a color palette or tone that seamlessly blends with the rest of the website.

Having a website is a good step forward for your business. But at the end of the day, what matters is whether it will help you earn money, in the form of positive leads and conversions.

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