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Matrimonial site procedure of matchmaking and some common rules

Matrimonial site procedure of matchmaking and some common rules

Every single, divorced, or widow looking for a nice life partner or decent soul mate. Normally, we have two types of marriage proposals- love marriage or arranged marriages in India. However, the new trend is of an online or matrimonial suggested marriage proposal. There are numerous Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim, Punjabi Rishtey matrimonial services available. Where one may find suitable Indian brides or grooms, such sites or bureaus have made life simple, and matchmaking easier. Since there are numerous options available at a place. Almost thousands of genuine profiles are listed with them. For making, a profile one needs to provide details such as title, gender, family background, occupation, photograph and suitable partner preferences. You do not need wedding brokers for this you may do it by yourself and get multiple options with a single click.

There are many advantages of using such matrimonial sites, as some of them provide chatting options, have secured and pre-verified profiles of eligible candidates. Everyone could perform a matrimonial registration to help his or her acquaintances finding a perfect life partner. They use matchmaking techniques for that they use certain matchmaking criteria those are:

  • Values:
  • Education or reputation
  • Family
  • Wealth, health
  • Occupation, caste, status, religion
  • Language, horoscope, dietary preferences
  • Similar physical equalities, age differences
  • Other factors like the city of residence, education level

Marriage is a sacred bond that not only attaches two individuals but the two families. The bond is not at all dependent on the type of marriage or even how extravagant the matrimony is? Both types of marriage have their pros, cons, and none of them gives a guaranteed success rate. Both have their disadvantage and advantage.

 How to use the matrimonial site

 Online matrimonial Chandigarh website is still a part of arranged marriage, here also parents perform the role of initiator, searching and filtering potential candidates. There are certain do and don’t which needs to remember before using any matrimonial site:


  1. Verify the details in the profile you are interested in at your level.
  2. Check their social media handles for further information about the person. if you do not find details on social media, it is a red flag.
  3. Try to make enquiries through common contact and friends about the person’s personal life and career.
  4. Once you decided to go ahead, it is your responsibility to find out whether details given about the individual’s qualification, family background, job, and such details are indeed true.
  5. Try to make enquiries through common contacts and friends about the person’s personal life, career.



  1. Never interact too closely with the person until you have satisfied yourself with his credentials. Be particularly wary of profiles that are hidden, and where details of family, job and parents are not mentioned.
  2. Avoid sending any pictures or personal photographs before marriage.
  3. Never part with money before marriage.
  4. Do not indulge in financial details before marriage.