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Mercury Transit in Virgo – Capricorn & Aquarius Predictions


The sixth and Ninth houses are owned by Mercury for Capricorns. It would work your work travels which would be in your favor. You might have some auspicious happening at your home too that will bring cheerful moments.

However, you should avoid getting into arguments with your seniors. You should practice decent speech at your workplace, or things might fall off. Be sweet when you are talking, and you would keep any bitterness away. This is the time you should not create any opponents as your enemies will be strong and might ruin your image. However, as luck is on your side, you would solve your personal and professional problems.

Those who are stuck in some property matter would get relief this month as your issue would take a turn in your favor. You might also indulge in reading scriptures or interesting books to increase your knowledge. Those who are more into spiritual activities would seek a Guru to walk on the right path in the right way. This would also make you donate to holy and spiritual places.


Mercury supervises the fifth and eighth houses of Aquarius; the transit will happen through their eighth house. This will bring favorable results to students and those who are doing their Ph.D. or are philosophers and researchers. Students will have a better focus on their subjects and will be more toward gaining knowledge. They will earn more excellence in their academics which would push them toward a better career.

This month you might get favor from your ancestral property, which would increase your overall status. Those who are in the industry of mining and agriculture would also see substantial growth. People serving astrology and occult sciences will also get recognition and more clients, which would directly strengthen their professional life.

If you are in love with someone, this period will intensify your feelings for them. Love and warmth will increase in your relationship, and you will come closer to your dear ones. If you are single till now, you will have more chances of meeting someone special.

This period also needs that you take care of your health as you might be prone to some muscle issues. There might be frequent headaches and aches. You should start meditating or doing yoga for better mental and physical health.

Remedy- Donate green leafy vegetables to the needy girls on Wednesday. Perform Homam on this day receive the blessings


Pisceans will have the effects of Mercury in their fourth and seventh house since these are the houses the planet supervises. The positivity of the transit will be obvious to those who are of marriageable age. They will be able to find a perfect partner who will be supportive and take care of them during tough times. You two will have a great understanding, and the bond will only grow stronger.

Your spouse will achieve upgrades in their professional life. Your marriage life will be blissful, and you will have the support of your family and the people around you. Those who are in a partnership business will experience a favorable time, and you two would work well with a better understanding. You will implement new ideas to expand your business which will be successful.

If you are in the accountancy and management field, this is a favorable time for you too. You will calculate and sort things quickly while being more efficient. Students will do better in academics as they will be more focused. Your social skills will improve, too, as Mercury owns the communication skills of a person. You will hence build a good image in the society.

Remedy– Recite Durga Chalisa every day.