At present, the covid-19 pandemic has affected the aviation industry the foremost everywhere the planet . this is often because there are people stuck in several countries due to flight suspensions all across the world .

Qatar Airways has announced a rise in their services thanks to the processing of the many people stuck in several countries willing to return home. Various people are being suffering from the suspended flights. However, Qatar airlines try their utmost to assist people get home.

The customer care services are overloaded with customer grievances causing overburden on the customer care service providers. they’re keeping the grievances of individuals struggling to succeed in their country at the highest .

Let us discuss the choices you’ve got concerning the flights.

You Can Claim A Voucher

Most airlines prefer that the passenger claims their voucher instead of posing for a refund, and therefore the same is with Qatar Airlines. Therefore they create the voucher claiming process as straightforward as possible and make the Qatar Airways Booking.

The Qatar airlines offered a non-refundable voucher for all the flights before 30-sep-2020; you’ll even claim it now and travel on different dates to a different destination.

The airlines also provide a tenth bonus on the first value of the voucher; if you’ve got used it partially, you’ll claim the unused amount also . Please note that you simply can use the voucher on Qatar Airlines.

How To Claim A Refund?

It is understood that thanks to all the uncertainties, passengers would rather cancel their flights than buy a ticket. Qatar Airways offers a full refund after canceling your flights and transferring the entire amount to your original payment method.

You can attend their official website and claim a refund employing a form provided by them and pick the “refund” option.

You will soon get the refund transferred to your original payment method.

If your flight has not been canceled and you’re canceling it on your own, you’re subjected to pay a particular cancelation fee attached to your original ticket.

What If You Book Your Flight Via A Travel Agent?

You can book your flight via an agent and ask them to process your refund. However, even the agents aren’t honoring their existing policies thanks to all the uncertainties, most likely because they can’t get a rebate themselves from the airlines or the hotels.


Through this article’s medium, we tried elaborating on how the pandemic affects the aviation industry and the way to use your benefit. Eventually, we also mentioned the way to get a refund with or without an agent.

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