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Most Common Water Heating Issues

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Water heaters play a vital role in the lives of people living in cold regions. Humans residing in areas experiencing the winter season need warm water for their daily life to survive the chilling climate.

However, like other equipment, tools, and appliances at home, water heaters are also vulnerable to many issues that house owners should pay attention to maintain and use efficiently.

Residents may choose to look and purchase water heaters for sale on the internet to replace their old and worn-out ones. Others prefer to call water heater installation Punta Gorda, FL services to seek professional help. Here’s the question: which of the two is preferable and practical?

Don’t worry, as we got your back. We offer some guidance to help you by listing the most common water heater issues homeowners should know and understand to choose the best option and make the right decision.

Faulty thermocouple

First on the list is the unavailability of hot water in your home despite having a water heater system. If your family uses a gas-powered water heater, this problem may occur due to a blown pilot light caused by a faulty thermocouple or pilot control valve.

The same “no hot water” issue also arises in electric water heaters when its thermocouple or heating element isn’t functioning well and already need a replacement. Getting in touch with the nearest plumber in your area can quickly do the job done, as that’s their expertise. Besides, repairing by yourself isn’t an easy task if you don’t have ample training.

Hot water smells rotten eggs

If your hot water smells like rotten eggs, bacteria are present. At first, you may try to solve the issue by mixing water and hydrogen peroxide then filling the solution into the water heater’s tank. Wait for at least two hours for the mixture to take effect, and afterward, flush the tank with clean water.

Yet, if the problem persisted, it is the perfect time to contact a plumber as the issue isn’t related to your water heater.

Tank is leaking

There is no means to fix a leaking tank. The only thing you could do is buying a new one and replacing the damaged tank, as doing such will prevent the latter from draining inside your basement or utility room.

You may contact water heater businesses to assist you in selecting your new water heater, specifically when the first sign of a leak got traced.


Little amount of hot water

This is one of the most common water heater issues homeowners may encounter. Residents can fix the issue by adjusting the tank’s thermostat temperature. Although, one should not forget to turn the temp too high, as a scalding hazard will come in sight. So it is still best to connect with a plumber to work on it.

Water discoloration

Discolored water indicates that your tank’s inner lining had erosion in its interiors due to a failing anode rod. Contact the nearest plumbing agencies as they can guide you in what to do: replace the anode rode or buy a new water heater.

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