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Most Effective Virtual Phone System For Any Business

Most Effective Virtual Phone System For Any Business

Companies are increasingly using local telephone numbers (also known as geographic numbers).Your phone number plays an important role in attracting local customers. It says more about your business than you might think at first. In this blog article, we’ll show you how to attract more customers with a local phone number.

The importance of a local phone number

We just mentioned it a moment ago; a telephone number says a lot about your company. A service number gives the impression of a large nationally operating company, a local telephone number represents a local company and a mobile telephone number represents a small self-employed person. A few years ago, companies swapped out local telephone numbers en masse for a central service number. We have now noticed that companies are again using local telephone numbers (also known as geographic numbers) more often. The use of the Virtual phone system is perfect in this case. Companies like Openphone Alternatives have made it easy for people to get a local phone number, without any problem.

Local telephone numbers provide a local feel

People prefer to do business with local companies, so companies look for a local look. The renewed interest in local telephone numbers is also related to the arrival of VoIP , whereby virtual local numbers can be placed at any random location. The company no longer has to be located in the region of the area code. It is precisely this fact that offers great opportunities.

A broker cannot do without a local telephone number

Let me illustrate the above with a practical example. A real estate agent is pre-eminently a person you select based on his knowledge of the local market. You do not choose a broker from Amsterdam to buy a house in Alkmaar. A real estate agent therefore has a great interest in a local image.

The benefits of a local phone number

In short, you can say that a virtual local telephone number offers you as an entrepreneur several advantages:

    • Customers are more likely to call a phone number from their own region than a phone number from another region, a mobile phone number or a service number.
    • Create a familiar, local feeling.
    • Numerous additional functions are available, such as welcome text, menus, forward on no answer and voicemail.
    • Low costs for you and your customer. A virtual local telephone number can arrive at any location, on a fixed or mobile device.
    • Fewer rules from the government. Calls to geographic telephone numbers have never been blocked at companies.
    • Accessible from abroad.

Increase your reach with multiple local phone numbers

In the example above, a large organization retains its local character. But of course it can also be done the other way around. Suppose you are a plumber in the Alkmaar region. As a plumber in Alkmaar you can do excellent jobs in terms of distance.

Calls to customer service at a local phone number are included in the mobile caller’s calling plan

Customer-friendly alternative to a service number

Finally, there is another reason why companies are switching from service numbers to local telephone numbers. As a result of changes in the Telecommunications Act, a 0900 service number has become less attractive for telephone customer service. Since June 2014, the maximum rate for this application has been drastically reduced, so that the owner hardly receives any compensation for the calling minutes made. In addition, he must adhere to strict requirements regarding the use of the telephone number. When using a local telephone number, the owner does not receive a compensation for the calling minutes, but the government also imposes far fewer rules.