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Most organizations tend to pursue some form of mobile marketing

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Most organizations tend to pursue some form of mobile marketing such as text-message (SMS) based campaigns or ringless voicemail (RVM). Importantly, choosing the right mobile delivery platform can significantly impact the effect of marketing endeavors. The optimal choice is determined both through examination of target audiences and product characteristics. For effective results, a custom approach which best suits a campaign’s requirements should be developed.

Fortunately, some mobile delivery providers offer both SMS and RVM platforms such as Cell Phone List (CPL). Some mobile campaigns can benefit from a combination of both text-message and ringless technologies, and a qualified account manager can help to determine the most effective option. Through the examination of specific requirements, an efficiently designed mobile marketing campaign can be developed. For instance, a local member of the school board in a major west coast city recently directed a campaign to reach voters in the area which successfully utilized both SMS and ringless voicemail drops. This unique approach was accomplished through a systematic effort which was tailored to the specific needs of the organization

Although most individuals are familiar with SMS based outreach efforts, ringless voicemail marketing is a relatively novel concept which is quickly gaining traction within many fields. Most commonly, inquires are directed towards how to send ringless voicemail drops, and how the process actually works. Quite simply, the technology functions similar to SMS both on the front and back ends. Users who are familiar with SMS will intuitively understand comparable RVM platforms, and the server to server delivery mechanism is relatively congruent as well. Basically, the mobile delivery platform connects directly with the carrier’s servers to insert the voicemail directly to a user’s phone, and this process is very similar to how SMS platforms deliver messages.

Whether your organization is looking for a SMS platform, such as this cloud-based bulk SMS software, or a RVM delivery system, proper brainstorming and planning can make all of the difference. Choosing a mobile delivery mechanism which is tailored for a specific campaign will provide a higher conversion rate and potentially lower per message costs. Before embarking on any mobile marketing endeavors, it is advised to speak with a reputable advisor to determine which path will be most ideal. With this approach, your campaign will be customized to the individual needs of your project, and the results may be significantly enhanced.

One final point of relevance is the costs associated with both SMS and RVM marketing. Due to recent policy changes, SMS marketing has become slightly more expensive due to increased delivery prices which were instituted at the carrier level. Also, the termination of shared short codes has led to extremely costly alternatives for organizations who now must purchase a dedicated short code. In comparison, ringless voicemail drops are, on average, less expensive than SMS because most systems only charge for voicemails that are actually delivered. For users who send a large quantity of messages, the bulk discounts associated with ringless voicemail are typically much greater than those of SMS.