Moving from Office 365 to Google Workspace – Simple Tips

Do you have difficulties in moving from Office 365 to Google Workspace? If so, here’s the best strategies you can do on your own. This guide provides explanations for migration about the Office 365 & … Read More

Office 365 to Google Apps

Do you have difficulties in moving from Office 365 to Google Workspace? If so, here’s the best strategies you can do on your own. This guide provides explanations for migration about the Office 365 & Google Apps(G Suite), and manual ways to do so.

Before going ahead, let us explain the main possible reasons for this migration.

Why moving from Office 365 to Google Workspace?

Multiple reasons are as follows:

  1. Compared to Google, Office 365 offers the better efficiency, longevity and productivity improvement.
  2. Microsoft 365 make the teamwork with each other easy and effective with its advanced centralized management system.
  3. Broadens accessibility
  4. Google Apps is mostly preferred by small companies. As the scale of the industry grows, so does the requirements which are easily absolved by Microsoft 365.

Tricks to Migrate Email from Office 365 to Google Workspace

There are two phases in the method: pre-migration process and Moving emails, contacts and calendars.

Phase 1. Pre-Migration steps for configuring roles for Office 365 Accounts

This is a pre-migration phase that allows for the migration. When transferring your files, you’ll need to include your Office 365 account credentials to G Suite Data Migration Service. You will need to introduce a few new roles to your DMS O365 account to collect the data. Those characteristics are:

  • ApplicationImpersonation
  • ViewOnly-Configuration

Pre-migration Process Steps:

  1. Firstly, sign in to your Office account.
  2. Then browse the Admin panel. (Notice: Go to the apps and tap the Security&Compliance for desktop edition. Tap Exchange for the web version.
  3. Then visit the Permissions section.
  4. Now, look at the Admin roles block and press + icon. You will see a new window, enter the name in the Name field and opt for Roles and again tap + icon.
  5. Next, opt for the first role ApplicationImpersonation and push the Add option, then again repeat the same process for the ViewOnly-Configuration.
  6. Hit the Save button.
  7. Visit the User roles block. Press the + button and add the username.
  8. You don’t need to do the same process for all the accounts. This is only performed for the account that G Suite uses to connect to Office 365.
  9. Notice that the process takes a little time to end. Wait for at least 10 to 12 minutes, and then continue with the migration itself.

Phase 2. Moving Mails, Contacts, and Calendars

  1. Initially, open the Admin console for G Suite. Then visit the Data Migration.
  2. Pick the Email for migration.
  3. Navigate the Migration source field, and hit the Microsoft Office 365.
  4. Next, under the Connection protocol field, choose Web services from Exchange.
  5. A new area then emerges where you need to keep transferring web addresses for Outlook accounts.
  6. Now, on your mail server, insert the email address and role account password in the Role Account field.
  7. Hit Connect.
  8. You need to pick a date range and different email folders to copy into the next window. Make the choices based on your needs that make sense.
  9. Press Select Users.
  10. You will note the source account(s) on the new tab to shift data from, and the destination account to which data is being transferred.
  11. Tap Start now.

The process takes sometimes based on the number of emails that you are moving.

Instant Solution

Pick a specific third-party utility for this, i.e. SysTools Migrator. It offers an easy to use, safe and secure environment to easily migrate Office 365 to G Suite account. You can use this approach to get better results and to protect the data against any data loss.


As stated above, Office 365 is better than G Suite or Google Workpsace. Manual conversion methods also provided for the Office 365 to G Suite email migration. For instant results, a tool mentioned in this article, you can choose to switch from Office 365 to Google Apps. Hope it will help you in moving from Office 365 to Google Workspace.

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