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Moz As a Group Buy For Keyword Research


What is Moz Group Buys? 

Moz group buy is a one-time, high-volume deal where you have the opportunity to buy one SEO tool from the Moz SEO pack. With Moz group purchase tools you receive full access to all the advantages of Moz for a highly affordable monthly payment.

You can also use Moz’s Keyword Research tool for your keyword research. This tool helps you in the selection of correct keyword phrases. Moz offers keyword research, competitive analysis and traffic analysis tools for your keyword research. Keyword research tool helps you find proper niche markets.

Keyword Research Tool

If you don’t want to hire an SEO expert or buy a separate keyword tool, Moz offers premium SEO tools. SEO Elite provides keyword analyses and optimization for both PPC and organic searches. Moz Group Buys enables you to monitor keyword rankings, competitor analysis, competitor behavior, social media links, and social bookmarking activities. Keyword Positioning tool helps you to optimize your website. With this SEO tool you can easily determine position-targeted keywords and monitor competitors.

Social media Crawl Checker

The Moz Group Buys also includes Social Media Crawl Checker, which helps you identify key phrases and keywords with low search volume but with high amount of clicks. Moz offers two types of Crawl Check tools – Crawl Spy and Crawl Eye. Moz Crawl Spy not only identifies high quality keywords but also monitors the on-page and off-page factors for each page and informs you about any problems. Crawl Eye helps to analyze various types of webpages and reports crawl rate, time, and cost. It also allows you to set parameters to evaluate SERPs and to generate SERP analysis.

Keyword Traffic Estimator

Another one of Moz Group Buy tools is the Keyword Traffic Estimator. This analyzes your keyword theme, competition and traffic flow. The advanced version of this tool gives you valuable information about top keywords that will help you enhance your pages and make it more optimized. This will give you an idea about how you can optimize your own web site. In fact, Keyword Traffic Estimator analyzes the information that your competitors are doing in order to know what keywords to use to achieve high rankings in Google.

In order to get the maximum benefit out of your SEO efforts, it is important that you build a niche marketing plan. You need to identify keywords that have low competition but high search volume. Keyword research tools like Moz will give you keyword ideas to target. The Moz Group Buys SEO services include several other tools that help you increase your page rankings, such as WebRank, Keyword Position Checker, SEO by URL and many others.


The Moz SEO Group Buys services include a free trial for three months. If you wish to try the Moz services, you must create an account at Moz before the trial period ends. Once you sign up, you can get access to all of Moz’s tools. As well, you will receive coupons and free downloads for Moz’s core services.


If you have SEO expertise but not the budget to hire an expert SEO consultant, the Moz Group Buy provides affordable SEO services. As well, there are several Moz specialty tools that will help you increase your page rankings, such as the Moz keyword research tool, Moz SEO by URL, Moz rank tracking, the Moz Free Bum keyword research tool and the Moz contextual advertising program. The Moz services are offered at a reasonable price, especially when compared to other website optimization options. The experts at Moz make it easy for small businesses to achieve high search engine rankings. Thus, Moz offers affordable solutions that will help your small business achieve its online success.