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Multimedia Features of TCL Android TV



If you are looking for something better than your typical cable service, then TCL Android TV is definitely worth checking out. TCL is an excellent company that provides affordable and high quality television service. The company provides its subscribers with a choice between cable TV and Internet TV. This means subscribers have the freedom to choose between using regular television programming or enjoying on-demand access to thousands of live channels.

TCL Android TV makes it simpler to access more of your favorite TV shows. With more than 700,000+ shows and movies from all over different streaming services, subscribers can choose what they want. Ask Google for suggestions, set up controls with your voice, and even cast video, photos, and music from various smart devices around your house to your big screen. Get all this with a free TCL Android TV box, available exclusively from the Google Store.

Consumers love the ability to stream their favorite shows and movies from anywhere they are, as long as they have an internet connection. However, not everyone uses their smart phones to stream the popular television shows and movies. Most people will need a computer or laptop to watch their favorite television shows and movies through their favorite Android television program. That is where TCL comes in handy.

The company produces a range of TCL Android TV boxes. Some are designed specifically for use with TCL smart televisions while others are compatible with various smart devices around the world. These smart devices include the likes of smartphones, tablets, PCs, media players, netbooks, and more. One thing they all have in common is that they all run on the Android operating system. TCL and the Android operating system go hand in hand to provide consumers with a user friendly, feature rich, high quality viewing experience. Consumers can use their TCL Android box to stream live and recorded television content from anywhere they happen to be – including the TCL smart TV.

One of the best features on the TCL Android TV box is its Chromecasting capability. Using the Chromapad, users can cast their own videos to their television from anywhere with an internet connection. With Chromacasting, they can watch their video content and still view it on the big screen as if they were watching it right there. They can also cast their music to their television just like they would with their Chromapad.

Other great features on the TCL Android smart tv are its high definition display, the wide screen compatibility, the high quality sound, the easy to use controls, the universal remote connectivity, the multi functional buttons and the premium service. With all these features, no wonder the TCL Android smart tv is so popular among consumers and why it is out selling all other android televisions. Consumers can now enjoy their favorite shows, movies, music videos and other media content from the comfort of their own home.

With the Chromacast, users can cast their media directly from their phone, pc or any other Wi-Fi enabled device. The Chromacast allows users to control their smart tv from anywhere they are so they can easily change channels, change the program, switch between programs and controls. Users can also cast their tv to their TV and play live news, weather and sports games directly from their TCL Android smart tv. All this and more is possible when you have the Chromacast.

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