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Musician’s Guide to Working on the First Expression

Musician’s Guide to Working on the First Expression

Many artists out there have their own dreams and aspirations to become the best musician in history. But what many people do not realize is that a significant part of your music career is determined once you join the music industry.

In a day and age where almost all kinds of people join the music industry, it has become more important than ever to make sure you leave behind a positive and strong impression the moment you enter the music business.

This is crucial because you cannot expand your music influence without the right people to help you out along the way. From the moment you enter the music industry, you will have to reach out to all kinds of people and develop relationships with them. Whether if it is a manager, another singer, or a promoter, you need to become conscious of the kind of expression you are leaving on them.

This might seem like a daunting task, but excelling at it is not an impossible feat. Let us consider a prime example Manalla Abdul-Aziz or otherwise professionally known as AXL Beats. He is a British music producer and songwriter who is one of the few musicians of this generation to leave behind an exceptional expression on his audience and his peers the moment he entered the music world.

AXL Beats always had a passion for music from a very young age. He was a Chief Keef fan and often listened to G Herbos, Young Pappy, Glo Gang, Fredo Santana, and many other Chicago artists. He began taking elements of the Chicago drill sound and implemented his own twist to the style to create his unique sound.

Success came faster to him than most people his age. In 2016, a Brooklyn rapper, 22Gz found his instrumental Hop Out’ drill type beat on YouTube. AXL Beat downloaded the beat and then recorded Suburban, a three-and-a-half-minute cut. After that, he kept uploading his beats on YouTube, and his reputation grew. Eventually, he was approached by Brooklyn rappers and began his professional journey in the music industry.

He produced ‘No Suburban’ by Sheff G and then connected with Fivio Foreign and worked on his songs, ‘Wetty,’ ‘Big Drip,’ and ‘Trust.’ The sound of his beats reached other people and impressed prestigious artists like Drake, who picked up on his beat, ‘War’, which boosted AXL Beats popularity.

For AXL Beats, having the perfect skills and maintaining a good first impression played a big role in his early music success – which is why he has shared a few tips with other people on how they can do the same.

Avoid Being Late for Gigs

It is important to show other people that you are a professional and are serious about your music art. Being on time for all your gigs is the ideal way to get this message across. Plus, having an easy-to-work personality where they can rely on your abilities will make more people interested in working with you.

Always Make Time to Be Interactive

Great impressions can also come from taking the time out and meeting people who want to meet you, including fans, promoters, other artists, etc. Say hi to everyone, sign stuff, sell your merchandise, and thank people for supporting you.

Be More Confident When Talking About Money

As hard as it can be for many people, you should never feel bad for talking about money with the people you are working with. Valuable relationships can become fragile if both parties are too shy to approach the topic of money appropriately.

Being more direct with money is often appreciated, and as soon as that part is quickly over, you can turn your attention towards more fun and creative stuff.