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Must try authentic lebanese food at sewar restaurant


Lebanese cuisine is famous for its low-fat food, packed with different energy and nutrient-packed foods. These foods’ preparation and cooking manner help preserve the nutrients without destroying them. The Lebanese dishes, salads, dips, and sauces can fulfill all your dietary requirements and provide all essential nutrients. It is definitely one of the healthiest cuisines approved by nutritionists and dieticians. It is similar to Greek cuisine and has many vital ingredients in the traditional Levant cuisine: legumes, fresh herbs, olives, olive oil, tahini, lots of vegetables, and meat. If you happen to live in Dubai, Sewar Restaurant is a must-go place to taste authentic Lebanese delicacies like Kibbeh, Kanafeh, Kafta, Fattoush, Hummus, etc. These dishes and other Lebanese dishes can be served as an assortment of small servings as part of a meze. Sewar Lebanese traditional restaurant Dubai is a place where you can relish the authentic taste of Lebanese cuisine in your city. Whenever you want to explore some new foods, you will always find a delightful surprise in the ambiance of this chic restaurant. You can enjoy a fine dinner along with traditional Arabic music at an outstanding Cafe Interior Design with belly dance performances. There are some specialty dishes of Lebanese cuisine which every food connoisseur must try.
It is a sesame seed paste thinned to desired consistency and taste with lime juice and water. It can be used as a tasty dip with various meat and vegetable dishes, used in hummus, soups, baba ghanoush, and halva.
Hummus is made of mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, garnished with whole chickpeas, paprika, and parsley. It is used as a spread on the loaves of bread or dips to munch snacks with.
Kibbeh is Lebanon’s National Dish having that is prepared with many regional variations. It is made from spices, onions, grains, and minced meat; all the ingredients are ground to the consistency of fine paste balls. These balls are fried to a crunchy exterior with a tender core.

The kafta is a finely ground meatball with parsley onion, salt, black pepper, and allspice mixed filling. These are barbecued or served with gravy.

Rice Pilaf
Pilaf is a popular dish in Eastern cuisines like Indian, Central Asian, Irani, Turkish, etc. It is cooked with different ingredients like rice, meat, dry fruits, spices, and vegetables, but overall, rice and meat are common ingredients.
It is a superb salad with crispy and deep-fried bread and fresh seasonal vegetables topped with fried pita bread. You can munch on this salad in moderation, without any worries, to gain extra pounds. No Lebanese restaurant menu is complete without Fattoush Salad.
It is a kind of Lebanese pizza, a popular breakfast food. A popular food in the Levant region, Manakish is a bread topped with cheese, ground meat, sumac, olive oil, sesame seed, and Thyme. The classic toppings include cheese, Za’atar, minced lamb, spinach, etc. it is made with slight variations in different countries with a diverse mix of ingredients.
Sfiha is a kind of meat pie, a flatbread with lamb mince topping, flavored with onions, pine nuts, spices, and tomatoes. It is similar to manakish and Lahm bi ajin. It is used as an appetizer and can be prepared very quickly.

Another famous Mid Eastern salad made with bulgur, parsley, chopped onions, tomato, etc., in some local variations, semolina is also used instead of wheat bulgur.

It is a sweet dessert made with shredded sugary cheese pastry smothered in orange blossom syrup. This delicacy can make your mood good for the day. Sewar Lebanese restaurant near Dubai airport is ideal for taking a healthy snack on the go or satisfying your sweet tooth cravings.
Several other dishes, soups, and desserts are available for you to explore Sewar Lebanese Restaurant Dubai Airport is the best place to experience Lebanon’s rich culture and food. Sewar Restaurants have other branches. With an ambient atmosphere and excellent food, you can enjoy and have a great time. There are several entertainment shows and musical and belly dance performances for the dinners that usually come to dine and have fun and hang out with friends at our shisha restaurant Garhoud.