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My opinion of Bhrigu lake trek with Thrillophilia

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I’ve never been on a trek before, let alone in the winters. This year, however, I decided to change that. In January this year, my friend and I decided to go for a trek in the Himalayas. Both of us being novices, we had a tough time choosing the perfect tour of us. After a thorough search, and some positive Thrillophilia Tripadvisor reviews, we decided to move forward with the Bhrigu Lake trek offered by Thrillophilia.

The tour package appeared to be well suited to us, for not only was the trek itself marked as easy to moderate, but the package took care of all supplementary needs as well- which, as first time trekkers, we may have had a hard time managing. 

The trek started from Manali. The camp at Manali was set by a river, and our registration was only confirmed upon physically arriving at the spot. We were furnished with good-quality, fully equipped tents where we were to spend the night on a two person per tent basis. There were several activities arranged for campers on site: river crossing and rappelling were some of them. After spending some time at the Manali camp, my friend and I decided to go out for a walk around Old Manali.

We travelled across its markets and cafes, occasionally stopping by to buy a trinket or two. We made our way back to camp before dark, where a tea and snack awaited us. At night, the campers arranged a bonfire session with music, which turned out to be quite fun! Then, following a freshly prepared outdoor dinner at camp, we tucked in for an early night.

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The next morning, we started early for the trek. The trek in earnest started from Kulang, which is about 12 kilometers from Manali. We were transferred there by car, after which we got a quick briefing session on the trek. Our first stop on the route was to Moridugh. The climb to Moridugh was fairly straightforward;

it was steep at first, but had plenty of level land at frequent intervals where we could stop to catch our breath.  We crossed through verdant forestlands and the occasional stream, where I would stop to take a photograph or two. We were at the camp in Moridugh by evening. The evening being free, we walked around to explore the area a bit. We stayed overnight in the camp at Moridugh, and retired with a bonfire and dinner. 

The third day was the day we trekked to the actual Bhrigu lake. Although the lake at the end of the road had promised to be rewarding, the route itself turned out to be equally beautiful. For the first part, we travelled through dense forests of silver oak at a height of 10,000 feet above the ground. Where the forests ended, the meadows began, with endless stretches of grassy knolls spreading as far as the horizon. Finally, we chanced upon the little alpine lake. Located at a height of over 4,000 meters above the sea, Bhrigu sits right at the very heart of the rocky Himalayas.

While the stunning blue lake was magical in itself, its backdrop of the mighty Dhauladhar made it all the more so. After spending some time at the lake, we made our way back to the campsite in Moridugh, where we stayed for the night. The next day, we started our climb back down to Kulang. The route we took was the same one that we had taken to go up, and the downward climb proved to be much easier. Once at Kulang, we were transferred back to our camp in Manali, marking the end of the tour. 

Being a first-time trekker, I was really afraid of how the tour would turn out to be. However, I appeared to have no problem at all! As the Thrillophilia reviews had promised, all of our needs were extremely well taken care of. The campsites at each location were extremely well furnished, with full functioning bathrooms and tents that were equipped with sleeping bags.

Moreover, all of our meals were provided for as well- there were special cooks who accompanied us and prepared wholesome, vegetarian meals thrice a day. Our trekking guide was extremely helpful as well; he would stop our ascent every time anyone in the group claimed to feel uncomfortable and was always ready to help at the first sight of a crisis. This was my first time taking a tour with Thrillophilia, and I am quite pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. I’ll be venturing out for my next trek with this team as well!