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Network & Communication Enabled Meraki Stacking Cables That Empowers Your Internet Connection


Network cables are integrated into the infrastructure for connecting one network device to another. Such integration also covers twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, power line, and so other. However, when it comes to installing reliable and performance-centric cable then Meraki stacking cable stands out the best of the other option. The following mentioned description will provide you with the information, specification, features, and key application of Meraki cables into the network infrastructure systems.

Meraki Stacking Cable Types & Specifications

Meraki is a type of cable which consists of durable material wiring in which two conductors usually made of copper of a single circuit are connected together. By connecting two distinct insulated copper wires at a specific density rate, the electric waves radiated by each wire in transmission will be offset by the electric waves emitted from the wire, while reducing the frequency of signal interference. Meraki cable along with brocade optics are often used together in data center networks for complying with short and medium length connections because of their relatively cheap costs and better performance in comparison to optical fiber or coaxial cable.

Choice Between Shielded Or Unshielded Meraki Stacking Cable

Both shielded and unshielded Meraki cables are often called the common network cable types in networking solutions, which can be described as STP and UTP cables respectively.

The UTP refers to the cable that doesn’t have metallic shielding around copper wires, this can help reduce electronic interference by providing balanced signal transmission. Hence, it is most commonly used in short-distance transmission for indoor network-enabled applications, computer networks, and even in video-connected applications.

The STP cable, on the other hand, is enclosed from all sides in a shield that functions as a grounding mechanism to provide greater protection from electromagnetic interference and radio infrequency interference. This will allow us to carry the data at a faster rate of speed. Therefore, STP integrated Meraki stacking cable is often used in high-end applications that require high bandwidth and secure environments.

Coaxial Integrated Meraki Stacking Cable

A coaxial cable is a network cable with an inner conductor connected by a tubular insulating layer, surrounded by a tubular conducting shield. This cable is specifically used as a transmission line for radio frequency (RF) signals. Its applications include connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, computer network connections, digital audio, and distributing cable television signals.

Fiber Optic Cable

Optical fiber cabling is a performance centric transmission medium for its high data capacity and supported long distances. It has a fiber within a rubber outer coating and uses a beam of light rather than electrical signals to comply with the high data. The fiber optic cables can run for distances measured in kilometers with transmission speed from 10 Mbps up to 100 Gbps or higher due to the fact that light doesn’t diminish over distance the way electric signals do.

Meraki stacking cable is one of the reliable solutions that integrate with high-speed internet networking connections.