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New World Housing Guide

New World Housing Guide

Player Housing is an exciting feature for New World. Housing will allow players to acquire and personalize homes across Aeternum. It lets players craft furniture for their own homes or sells it on the trading post. A personal house also gives you several advantages such as fast travel or trophy buffs.

In New World, player houses are part of the many settlements that can be found and conquered in the various territories of Aeternum. Houses are semi-instanced in New World so that multiple players can purchase and use the same house, but they will only be able to enter and manage their own version of it. It is also possible to invite up to 4 other players to your house by inviting them to a group with you.


In order to be eligible to purchase a house, you must first raise your Standing within that Settlement’s Territory. To raise your Standing in the Territory you want to live in, and it is important to get involved in the daily activities of that Territory, such as killing creatures, completing Faction Missions, working on Town Projects, and crafting items. Once you have reached a high enough Standing level and your character has reached Level 15, you can unlock the ability to have a home in that Territory’s Settlement.

You will also have a pay a weekly property tax, which can vary depending on the governing company’s tax demands. If you fail to pay the upkeep, you won’t lose your house, but certain features such as redecorating, house recall or trophy buffs will stop working.


Houses range in size, features, and cost. For example, some houses have gardens or balconies, while others only have a front porch. Of course, their location also plays a role, with some being more central and close to important town facilities such as crafting stations. This comes with different costs, so if you want a larger house in a good spot, you better be prepared to pay a premium.

Houses in settlements have tiers. Each tier of houses comes with a different cost and a different set of benefits, with the most expensive houses conferring the greatest benefits.


Once you’re settled into your new home, you can personalize your space. There have hundreds of items for you to use to customize your home. Everything from tables and chairs to decorative garden plants and hanging vines can help you design a property to reflect your tastes. Pieces of furniture and ornamental items can be crafted by players and purchased, while other items must be found by exploring and looting the world. On your adventures in Aeternum, you can even find pets to bring home with you.

Decorations also serve another purpose: While your own house instance is private, it’s possible for other players to see your house when walking past – but only if you have the best-decorated house in that location. This is determined by a ranking system that gives your house a score depending on its decoration and your territory standing. You can even see a list of the highest-ranked players for each house. Of course, you will always be able to see your own home, but other players can only see it from the outside if you happen to have the highest-ranked house.


Once you have a House, you’ll be able to use it as a Recall point. Aeternum is a vast, dangerous place and the ability to recall home over great distances is a powerful one. The higher tier the house, the lower the cooldown on your house’s fast travel timer.

In addition to the Recall ability, it’s possible to create powerful magical decorations that give your character buffs when they are placed on display in your home. These Trophies can do things like give you an advantage in combat against particular enemy types or improve your crafting abilities. However, each house can only have so many Trophies on display at a time, so you will need to consider which advantages you want to have on your adventures.

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