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New York: Planning, Tips and main attractions i NYC


Creating a New York itinerary can be a real challenge, as the diversity of attractions and sights can leave any visitor lost.

Nobody wants to miss anything in this charming metropolis, known as “the capital of the world”.

So, to make the most of the Big Apple, we’ve prepared a guide with the main attractions, tips and how to plan the best for your New York discoveries.

New York Tour: Tours, History and Culture

New York script tips are certainly not lacking in this article! One of the main advantages of choosing this destination is the combo of options for the most diverse types of travelers.

Of course, at the top of the list, the Statue of Liberty and the famous Times Square cannot be missing, as well as the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Island.

New York attractions also include a walk through Central Park and the Empire State Building, which provides one of the most beautiful views in the city.

If you want to know a little about the history and culture of this important city, include in your itinerary a visit to the Museum of Modern Art.

Also pay a visit to Ground Zero, which is where the twin towers used to be, before the terrorist attack.

Be sure to include the American Museum of Natural History on the list. New York City is very rich in attractions, history and culture. That’s why the rule is to “beat your leg” to get to know the whole city.

When to travel to New York?

New York’s attractions are spectacular year-round. Therefore, choosing the best time will depend on the style of travel you want to have there.

Don’t want to face the cold New York? The best time to visit the city, then, will be between spring and summer, which takes place between April and September, and brings milder temperatures.

But if you want to discover a white and cold New York, winter is your best option. In the coldest season of the year, the city gains other landscapes, but its charm remains the same.

What to do in New York in the Summer?

For those who do not need freezing temperatures, summer is the best season. When traveling to the city during this period, get ready to be even more dazzled by the metropolis.

The New York in the heat travel itinerary is spectacular! The city lives its splendor with many tourists and New Yorkers wandering the streets and attractions open until late, in addition to a lot of sun.

During this period, Central Park lives its climax and becomes one of the most popular places when it comes to outdoor activities.

In summer, a boat trip to see Manhattan from another angle is almost the norm, as is taking a walk through Times Square and crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

In fact, on your tour, pay a visit to the Empire State Building and also the Statue of Liberty.

New York offers the most diverse attractions this season. Put on comfortable shoes, apply sunscreen and wander around the city.

What to do in New York in Winter?

Don’t think you’ll find New York’s best attractions only in the summer. In winter, the landscape changes colors, the weather gets colder, but nothing to stop you from taking memorable walks!

To enjoy everything this metropolis has to offer you, the rule is to wear warm clothes and appropriate shoes, as the temperature can reach 0 °C.

Even in winter, it is possible to visit all these places, which we have already mentioned.

The big advantage is that there are other really cool attractions there, like ice skating and skiing or snowboarding at Mountain Creek, for example.
On cooler days, enjoy watching a hockey and football game. Also check out the Broadway performances

How to plan a trip to New York?

Of course, when you start planning your trip to New York, the first step is to get a US visa.

After that, choose what style of travel you want to have, thus choosing the season of the year to visit the city. For Visitor Visa Click here

By defining this, it’s time to research airline tickets and travel insurance, as well as make reservations for hotels, restaurants and, if you want, buy tickets for the attractions you want to see.

Another tip is to know exactly which apps you need to download, and where to buy a prepaid card there.

The international travel chip is another essential item. With it, you guarantee your Internet connection anywhere in the world!

Next step: build your itinerary based on the days you will be in the city. Ready! Now just pack your bags!