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New Zealand Influencers To Follow Right Now

New Zealand Influencers

Are you an Instagram freak who loves to scroll and see the latest trends of fashion, beauty, fitness, and health inspiration? Then you need to follow some incredible bloggers.Whether you are from New Zealand or not, you will be amazed by these amazing influencers. You will get to learn many new things as well. So let’s see the list of New Zealand Influencers given below. 

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Nicola Easterby 

Twenty-four-year-old blogger and photographer shares unique and exquisite travel photography along with detailed destination guides, endless adventures, and bucket list experiences for the followers. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Also, to watch her videos subscribe to her Youtube channel. 

Annalee Muggeridge 

This is for the people into skincare and makeup; one thing you must do for yourself is follow Miss Annalee Muggeridge. She is a skillful makeup artist who gives beauty tips and skincare guides on her Instagram page. She works to have mesmerized skin for a flawless makeup look. Her years of experience enable her to share useful information regarding her field with her followers. 

Jaya Gascon 

Jaya is a visual journalist in Auckland and works with famous customers named 2degrees, SKYCITY, Lexus, and Huawei. She loves to post about her experiences of adventures in the form of photos and videos all over the city. She wanted to message her followers that they should also explore and learn about their cities like she explores Auckland with all excitement and love. 

Megnnear Annear 

Megnnear, aka Meg, is the personality of one of the New Zealand TV and radio personalities. She has made a YouTube channel with her love, her fiance. On her Youtube channel, she talks about life and its challenges. Also, she promotes plus-size clothing. It is very interesting to follow and listen to her. 

Giovanna Belling

Giovanna Belling is another makeup artist with a wonderful personality known for her makeup hacks, tips, and trends. She also shares exciting hairstyles, dress-ups, and much more about fashion with her audience. Followers love and get inspired by her when she recreates the makeup looks of celebrities. Follow her to learn much more about beauty and fashion. 

Christine Stucki

Christine Stucki began her blogging career in 2012 for the women of today and shared her knowledge and inspiration to boost confidence in them and make them able to achieve what they want. During the day, she is a content marketer, and at night, she spends time as a blogger. 

Hannah Rogers 

Hannah started her blog as a “The Modern Girl” to express and share her thoughts with people, especially women. People started to like to read her blogs. Over time, her blog becomes a platform where women come together to share their thoughts and inspire each other on the road to a healthier and happy life. 

Nami & Pascale 

Best friends from New Zealand, Nami and Pascale, are two beautiful ladies who share tips about street fashion. They started their journey to connect with the people on Instagram. They will be able to get in touch with the followers and give them ideas related to street style fashion. For more information visit https://www.explosivesocial.com/


The most famous and successful social media sensation is Shannon. She is a beautiful Youtuber. On her channel, she shares beauty and makeup tips with her audience. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Also, you can subscribe to her Youtube channel to get inspiration about professional and beginner makeup tips and help you in guiding the best makeup product.