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No Code and Low Code as a New Revolution in Development in 2021


A world where there are several developers and tech people and more and more people are learning each day and getting into the development and programming field. Sometimes the word low code and no code are interchangeably used with having similar culture and structure. Both can be considered for the people who belong to the business community having limited or no knowledge of information technology. 

The businesses who face the issues of the difference of approach and understanding with their tech team are more inclined towards such approaches of development. Since technical people are not mostly understanding and flexible towards the changes requested by the management or enhancements coming their way all the time.  

What is No Code and Low Code?

No code or low code is the concept of developing through visual editor and having visibility where they have the setup of drag and drop rather than a black and white environment of having lines with commands that make no sense to the business and non-technical people. The visual editors are for business and non-technical people who want a real-time environment to view what they are choosing and what they are going to get with easily changeable options without spending time. The no-code and the low code have a huge bunch of programming and development working behind the visual editor.

Just imagine having a visual editor for developing some reports, it will have several options for the format and the pick and choose options for the columns. All the fields and formulas have already been developed in the code, all the classes have been defined for the colour and the format of the report, what is displayed on the user interface is the selected options that are called through the visual editor.     

Difference between no code and low code

Both the concepts have similar nature of calling the code from the user interface through visual editor through activating what has been selected but low code still involves some programming to set up or enhance the environment. We can explain no code with the example of CMS like WordPress, it has an easy to use editor wherein anyone can develop their website with zero knowledge of development and coding languages. 

Feature and benefit of No Code Technology

  • Static Sites

  • Hyper-dynamic

  • Secure infrastructure

  • blazing fast

While on the other hand using a static site generator with a CMS like making a website on Gatsby WordPress templates requires some coding hence it can be classified into low code. On one hand, using headless WordPress with a static site generator through building up the APIs. But GraphQL has served the purpose well. This whole low code concept of Gatsby WordPress theme website is based on the Jamstack Development technology architecture.

Application Building with No Code

The website development without coding has been a very common concept with WordPress and other Content Management Systems. You may not be aware of the fact that many companies are using automated solutions for their businesses by using the no-code solution providers one way or another. 

Some of the businesses choose reporting tools and some make their sales force. The visual editors help them build an environment within a fraction of seconds, they pay the monthly or annual subscription and enjoy unlimited options of development and modification.      

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