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Now rest equals to the perfect hexagonal pouf


Want complete rest with a dash of unique piece of furniture added to your living room? An investment that could change your outlook towards keeping your body parts away from numerous pains, while having a beautiful décor at your home. A hexagonal pouf is the solution. Choosing the most comfortable pouf could help you in eliminating foot pains, and can also act as an extra piece of furniture adding beauty to your homes.

The question is, whether to get a firm pouf or a soft pouf. A firm pouf will give every amount of comfort and support to your body. It can act as a foot rest to release tiredness from your feet.

Hexagonal pouf: A hexagonal pouf is a unique piece of furniture that can be used in various ways. It can be used as a foot rest, coffee table, side table, and even a chair for your extra guests. It is very versatile in nature, and can add a great detail to your home.

How is a hexagonal pouf beneficial? (UrbanBed)

Fast recovery: A hexagonal pouf teds to improve blood circulation and reduces pains. It can be efficiently used to reduce swollen feet, recover from serious leg injuries, which can cause ultimate discomfort. Injuries can take from several days to months to recover, and during the period of recovery, it is a must to give support to the injured area for it to heal. Hence, a hexagonal pouf can be a great means to help in recovery.

Provides support:It provides great support during pregnancy and even helps in reducing menstrual cramps.

Firm support: It is made of polyurethane foam (PU) which keeps the pouf intact. Therefore, it provides firm support, and does not bend or loosen up.

Lightweight: It is manufactured with the lightest weighted material so it is easy to move around whenever required. It can be fixed at any position and any place for the best used.

Multi-purpose furniture: It’s ability to turn into a chair, table and a resting space makes it worthy of its price.

Removable and washable cover: This hexagonal pouf comes with a removable cover which is washable. The quality remains the same even after many washes.