Now’s the Time to Hire an eCommerce SEO Expert

Google is at it again. Last year they announced that another big algorithm change is on the horizon, slated for Q2 of 2021, and its emphasis on user experience has website owners and SEOs alike … Read More

Google is at it again. Last year they announced that another big algorithm change is on the horizon, slated for Q2 of 2021, and its emphasis on user experience has website owners and SEOs alike rather confused.

If you are worried about your rankings or simply want to start off on the right path when it comes to proper SEO, you may need the help of a professional eCommerce SEO expert that understands exactly what needs to be done in order to improve your online store and protect your rankings.

Everything is Rapidly Changing With SEO

While the fundamentals of SEO remain largely the same, there’s a shift in the industry toward user experience and the subtle qualities of websites that make them valuable to shoppers.

We’re beyond dealing with keywords and technical optimizations. These aspects of an SEO campaign are a given and still have to be addressed if you want to rank. However, as Google shifts its algorithm more toward how users feel when using your website, user behavior, and the overall experience that your website provides, it’s important to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

Even if you had all day to read up on the latest SEO trends, would you have time to implement these changes yourself? The reason why it’s so essential to hire an eCommerce SEO expert is that they will already know what needs to be done, and will have the manpower needed in order to actually put these tactics into action.

What makes it difficult is that the SEO landscape is rapidly changing. Expectations are higher than ever when it comes to online shoppers, Google wants to see that your website is professional, snappy, intuitive, and user-friendly, and more competition for the same keywords means you have to optimize perfectly in order to have a chance at appearing on page one.

If this sounds like a difficult task, that’s because it is. Digital marketing as a whole requires a sound strategy and a deep knowledge of certain industry trends, but SEO has become extraordinarily technical. Without the right tools and insight, as well as a suitable eCommerce background, you are unlikely to be able to generate the proper results for your business.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Invest in SEO

You’re SEO problems aren’t going to magically solve themselves. In fact, chances are that if you don’t take the right steps, your rankings are only going to deteriorate over time. Between the shifting algorithm updates and higher user expectations, this is the only logical scenario.

The solution? Hiring an eCommerce SEO expert that can develop a rock-solid strategy for you based on the current state of the eCommerce industry, niche trends, advanced SEO tactics, in-depth keyword research, and an eye for what works and what doesn’t. A smart and flexible eCommerce agency like 1Digital, with a proven track record of getting results for online stores, is who you need to contact.

1Digital® is comprised of a team of dedicated SEO experts and eCommerce specialists who fully understand what it takes to compete for those lucrative top spots on Google. They build powerful custom strategies that help businesses scale.

If you are trying to grow your business and want to shield yourself from the fallout of Google algorithm changes and shifting trends in the industry, it’s time to give 1Digital® a call. They will work alongside you to capture your vision for what you want in terms of eCommerce success, starting with an effective SEO campaign that is based on your specific industry and needs.

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