Home Technology Offer affordable dry cleaning services by initiating On-demand laundry app development

Offer affordable dry cleaning services by initiating On-demand laundry app development

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In this busy world, people hardly have time to wash their clothes. This cumbersome household chore has been converted into a hugely profitable business opportunity now. This is where a ready-to-use Uber for Laundry service app steps in to sort out the issue.

The global laundry market is expected to rise by $1.28 billion from 2020 to 2024 growing by more than 1% every year. The main factors that will contribute to the growth include the introduction of smart laundry technology, more involvement of women in the labour force, and users’ priority for cost-effectiveness.

The reasons why laundry apps are necessary now are rapid internet penetration, growing usage of smartphones, increase in the disposable income of customers, and the demand for specialized washing of clothes.

As part of customized on-demand laundry app development, we offer laundry, dry cleaning, and steam ironing services for households and business firms. Orders can be placed by the users either through the app or website. Door pickup facilities and take away from the predefined drop-off points are available.

Due to safety concerns related to Covid-19, we ensure that all our laundrymen and delivery executives use gloves, face masks, PPE’s, and always maintain social distancing. A layer of ozone treatment is also added when we wash the users’ clothes.

The typical features of the Uber for Laundry Service App

Real-time order tracking – The user can check whether his/her garments have been washed and the time by which they would be fully washed. A GPS tracking facility is available.
An inbuilt calculator – Users can know the bill to be paid for availing the service. A cost calculator determines the expenses depending on the number of clothes and their types such as cotton or silk. This will generate invoices quickly.
The issue of push notifications – All the information regarding the washing and dry cleaning of clothes and any discounts or offers is sent directly to the users via SMS.
The acceptance of numerous payment methods – The commonly used payment options like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, wire transfers, and digital wallets are accepted. Integration is also provided with the payment gateways of Mastercard, Stripe, and Visa. A QR code scanner is also present for quick fund settlement.
An integrated rating and review system – Users can share their honest feedback for the availed services. Corrective action is taken to resolve genuine grievances and complaints.
An admin dashboard – It is used to manage all the business operations efficiently. The admin panel handles the customers’ order requests and the activities of dhobis (laundry men) and delivery executives. It also takes care of user management, commission management, payment management, and content management.
An advanced search and filter option – Users can analyze the various laundry options available and search for the best offer through keywords and by entering their geographical location.
An order history mechanism – Customers who opt for the same laundry services repeatedly can choose their previous order and utilize it again. This saves time and ensures more convenience.
An order cancellation facility – Users can easily cancel their orders whenever they wish. A notification is sent immediately to the concerned delivery person and the booking is smoothly cancelled without any delay.
An integrated loyalty program – Regular users of the on-demand Laundry app will get access to exciting offers and discounts that will help them in reducing their total bill amount to a great extent.
Analytical reports – In the separate app for dhobis and delivery personnel, detailed reports related to the earnings and commission will be generated weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.
An inbuilt live chat option – Users can interact with the laundrymen smoothly through the real-time chat facility. This ensures the timely sharing of important information.
Flexible pricing – Different rates will be charged according to the type of cloth like shirts, T-shirts, jeans, salwar, sarees, coats, and bedsheets. Weight-based pricing is also applicable.
Customized packages – Different subscription plans can be offered for the users like silver, gold, and platinum.
A dispatch panel – Once the delivery executive gets ready to deliver the washed clothes to the user’s doorstep, the dispatch panel will automatically update itself with the latest information. Deliveries can be done within 24 hours. Express delivery is also available where orders can be fulfilled within 10 or 12 hours.
The provision of technical support – Customer support is rendered round the clock in numerous languages. This leads to greater user retention and better satisfaction.

The step by step process to use the On-demand laundry app

The customer has to register on the app and provide all the personal information.
He can choose any laundry service that is available and suits his/her requirements perfectly.
Choose the exact pickup and delivery date and time.
The admin immediately receives the users’ request for laundry services.
The admin communicates the information about the order to the laundrymen and the delivery executive.
The laundryman will reach the users’ location to collect the clothes that need to be washed or dry-cleaned.
Track the movement of the delivery executive through Google Maps.
Make the needed payment online itself.
Refer the app to their friends and family members to get more reward points.

As seen above, we have experienced professionals for developing the
Uber for Laundry service app. More importance is given to hygiene, cleanliness, and convenience. Create a state-of-the-art On-demand laundry app and make most of this booming business opportunity.