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Offshore Staffing Becomes Business Savior During Ongoing Pandemic


Companies around the world are presently in an unprecedented state for a global pandemic comes once in every 100 years and most of the organizations would not have faced the havoc caused by COVID19 before. It has been a year now since coronavirus dealt a serious blow to the world economy and while some entities may have overcome the setbacks and resumed their normal operations, others whose revenues have plummeted can turn to offshore staffing, which has now become the savior of businesses during the ongoing crisis, and overhaul their entire set-up by letting the phenomenon in question influence virtually every aspect of their venture.

Revamp Your Business

You may completely transform your business by outsourcing the requirements emerging from different areas to an offshore staffing agency in India and getting them fulfilled at a fraction of the general cost. You can literally have a virtual team for the following categories:

Customer Support

An offshore company in India can ably manage your customer support, be it traditional call handling or offering non-voice services such as chat and email. While inbound services involve handling customer queries and complaints, outbound ones are about reaching out to customers and informing them about new products and services. Outbound service providers are also given to reminding customers about past dues and due dates and conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

Helpdesk, technical support, virtual receptionist, etc. fall within the ambit of inbound services. If you are based in US, UK, or Australia, outsourcing customer support to one of the offshore companies in India will be extremely cost-saving as the annual charges that you may incur in your country for your in-house staff could be 7-10 times more.

Design & Graphics

Design & graphics is multidimensional and when you outsource your client requirement to an offshore company in India, you can get quality work done fast and at a much lower cost, which is going increase your profit margin significantly.

Through offshore staffing, you will no longer be hesitant to work on the initial drafting of a client project rather than just giving the final touches. And because the workforce of an outsourcing company in India will work with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal, you will probably be told about new ideas and perspectives that you may not have thought of before.

When design & graphics is mentioned, many just think of web design whereas the fact of the matter is it covers several things such as branding, marketing & advertising collaterals, user interface, publishing, packaging, and motion graphics.

Brands are very particular about their logos and typefaces and a capable offshore team working for one of the offshore companies in India can fulfill this key requirement effectively. Similarly, you can expect the best of cover photos, brochures, and banners. Enterprising graphic designers working from a remote location will know for sure how to create an interface that will boost customer engagement with a site, app, or game. And if you find competent publishing designers, they will work in conjugation with your publishers and editors to design covers and layouts for various publications.

It is common knowledge how important product packaging is and motion graphics involving the use of GIFs, videos, etc. also carries a lot of appeal for end users. You can thank your lucky stars if you find graphic designers working in another corner of the world for an offshore staffing agency who are willing to discharge this responsibility on your behalf for if you hire the same professionals in your own native place, they will charge you 10 times more.

Digital Marketing      

This is one requirement that is presently the need of the hour. A majority of your clients will approach you with work that has something to do with digital marketing. So, if you have a remote team that shoulders this responsibility for you promptly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, your revenue will keep increasing steadily.

You just have to find a digital marketing company or an online marketing team operating from India that can help your clients build a solid digital identity. The third party you select must have ample expertise in copywriting, content writing, SEO, SMM, etc.

What’s more, you can outsource your own requirement as well. If your on-page content or web design is in need of modification, your offshore team can tend to your need and it may cost you a pittance.

Offshore digital marketing experts are known to offer expert service as they have proper understanding of the competition and are attuned to the latest industry trends. This lot won’t shy from any responsibility that comes their way, be it creatives, campaign launch, or content creation. Ask them to furnish data pertaining to website traffic, customer behavior, user engagement, or ad and campaign performance and they will be responsive for sure.

SEO is such a significant part of digital marketing and SEO specialists employed by an offshore company in India will not take long to research keywords and figure out how other competitors are faring and how they can be outranked. Ensuring proper social media presence and offering precise content ranging from short posts to long press releases are other useful digital marketing services that you can avail from digital marketing experts working from an outsourcing location at a reasonable cost and with little waiting time.

Payroll & HR

Ever thought you could have an offshore team for payroll and HR? Well, it seems possible and if it is feasible for you, you must seriously think of exercising this option as it will again help you save on costs enormously.

If you manage to find certified bookkeepers and accountants who use the latest accounting software, you can entrust them with payroll processing and payroll outsourcing is fast becoming the order of the day.

Managing one’s finances properly is always critical. And if you do not have to worry about paying your employees and filing taxes on time and get you records audited correctly and in compliance with government guidelines, you can really breathe easy, all the more when you consider that you will be paying much less than what you have been spending thus far.

There is no dearth of offshore companies in India and for the requirements discussed above, you can easily find an offshore staffing agency that will let you streamline your operations in these difficult times and get a bulk of your office tasks done remotely.