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Online Quran Classes from a Reputed Online Quran Live Academy in UK


Quran, the sacred book, is a source of guidance and illumination for all. The commandments provide guidance on the right way to live a healthy life. Quran is essential for understanding the teachings of Allah. Five ayaats (surah Al- Alaq), are accentuated when one gains righteous knowledge. Many people don’t know the correct meanings of Quranic words. You should therefore be familiar with their translation. All Muslims have a duty to share knowledge about Deen in order to increase the practical application of Islam.

People are too busy with their day to find the time to attend Quran classes in the mosque. To address this issue Online Quran Live Academy decided to offer standard online Quran classes through skype. Students can travel without worrying about money and still have enough time to visit a mosque. They are able to impart a deep understanding of Islam through their dedicated teaching methods. This home-based opportunity has been a boon to thousands of Muslims.


The Online Quran Live Academy allows you to learn Quran online and also offers translations. These platforms have made it possible for Quran-lover to learn Quran at their own pace from the comfort of their homes. You can also choose a time that works for you. To learn translation, all you need is a good internet connection and a Skype ID. One-on-one tutoring allows tutors to focus on each student, whether they are a child or an adult.

Quran Classes online from Online Quran Live Academy

Participating in Quran classes online offers a variety of benefits. With the capability to access the lesson material from anyplace around the globe students enjoy numerous benefits. Students no longer have to be confined to the confines of a physical school; they can take classes in the comfort at home or in their bedroom. Learning Quran lessons online allows the possibility of fitting them into your busy life.

Internet-based Quran classes are a great method of learning the Quran and are also affordable. Learn about the Quran by working with certified and knowledgeable Quran instructors.

Innovative method of Learning Quran

The online Quran classes are an innovative method of learning the Quran online in the convenience of your home. Our certified male and female Islamic instructors are teaching Quran for hundreds of students. In turn, parents can monitor their children’s progress every day basis. We offer children various online classes. We offer courses on Noorani Qaida Quran including Tajweed, Quran Memorization, Islamic Studies as well as Quran Translation. Alongside Quran teaching, Online Quran Live academy, you could offer your children all the basic elements that are required for Islamic education.

One on One Quran Classes

Even if you’re outside of the Arab world Our Quran classes are easy and efficient. The reason is that they’re not able communicate the Arabic alphabets unless they know how to correctly communicate in Arabic words. The Quran lessons program will teach students on how to say Arabic alphabet correctly and with the Arabic accent.

One-on-one online classes are targeted and affordable. Additionally, you’ll receive individual attention, as well as the entire time you are allocated.


Translation of Tajweed from Online Quran Academy

The tutors provide complete satisfaction in learning the meaning of individual words and start at the basic level. A comfortable learning environment for translation is created by the skilled tutors, male and female multi-linguals. Teachers recommend and use authentic books of hadith by well-respected Islamic writers.

The online Quran Live offer affordable and professional services.

Teachers are highly qualified and have been certified in translation, tajweed, and Ijazah by the most prestigious Islamic institutes around the world.

Additionally, tutors can also have professional degrees that allow them to link facts with the latest world.Learn about Tajweed laws that will improve your ability to recite. The Online Quran Live offers you interactive tools and methods to quickly understand the text. Teachers teach in a beautiful, modern manner. Lectures are given by tutors on fundamental principles of Islam and how they can be applied in daily life.

To learn Quran by heart, do a thorough research and find the best Online Quran Academy.