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Orthodontic Issues Commonly Solved By Braces

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Braces have been a common treatment and a popular choice among youths and with the coming of advanced technology, adults and older people are also showing interest in them. They are the most conventional and traditional way of treating an Orthodontic condition and even with the replacements In the market , people tend to choose them every now and then .

How Do They Work?

A perfect smile leaves a positive impression on everyone and having a perfect one also comes with other perks like chewing and biting down food. If your jaws misalign, or get positioned incorrectly it will become difficult for you to chew, move, and as well as sleep. A constant pressure is applied by the braces over the desired position, so that the teeth can get fixed in the correct position. The wire with which it is connected does the work and the rest of the work is done by brackets that hold the metal parts together.  Depending upon the issue , many patients need an add on like rubber bands or other appliances in their treatment. It is recommended to apply braces under supervision of a professional, Orthodontic offices near me are always full of skilled Orthodontists and if you live somewhere near Portland , you can contact or search about Best Orthodontist. Now let’s head towards the common issues that braces can fix.

Issues Fixed Through Braces

Misalignment of Jaw:

Misalignment means disfigurement of the linear objectification. In case of mouth , when your lower and upper jaw doesn’t fit perfectly over each other then it is termed as misalignment of the jaw. As a result abnormal bites can occur which can eventually lead to erosion of enamel surfaces. Now what braces do is, they can move your jaw forward or backward depending upon the alignment we want to achieve with respect to the other jaw.

Teeth That Are Crooked:

Crooked teeth are the ones who haven’t completely developed themselves and are often broken or torn at ends or in between. This may also invite a lot of gum diseases and therefore use of braces here is so important.

Overcrowding of Teeth:

Everyone has their genetic structure and depending upon that your mouth can be wide or short but there are only a certain number of teeth that can fit right in , not to forget that we are already born with 20 as kids and within no time they appear or erode . If there are too many teeth , then overcrowding can occur. It will damage your other teeth growth and it is treated by removing a tooth which is not there at the right place. Overcrowded teeth are also difficult to brush and floss and therefore braces can be of utmost importance in cases of overcrowding.

Spacing Between Teeth:

One of the most common issues and often referred to as diastema is a condition in which teeth do not grow properly either in their size or texture and hence cause a gap between the other teeth. Overgrowth of a tissue between the teeth can also cause spacing and braces can easily shift your teeth back to normal spacing.

Overbite and Underbite:

As explained by a reputed Portland Orthodontist, When your upper portion of the teeth tend to move a little forward than the lower ones and hence the case is treated as overbite. On the other hand Underbite happens when your lower portion of the teeth tend to grow a little more than the upper ones. In both the cases braces can be applied on the upper and lower portion respectively to bring back the necessary alignment.


Temporomandibular disorder causes your jaw muscles to dysfunction and they are directly connected to the skull and movement of the jaw. Hence the hindrance to proper movement of the jaw takes place. Portland Braces hence can solve this issue too by providing stability to the movement of a jaw.

Bottom Line:

For you to execute your plans accordingly , you need to have a complete knowledge about that particular subject and this is the same when you go for applying braces. You should have complete information as to how and when they can be used . Also without consulting a Best Orthodontist in Portland, you cannot apply them on your own and also they need to get checked every 4-6 weeks so that it can be adjusted according to the position of teeth. So it is very important to have keen knowledge about everything related with braces if you are opting for one.