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Outstanding Destinations to Visit In Argentina


Where are you making plans for your upcoming trip? If the place is called Argentina, then you are at the right place. We have discussed some of the Outstanding Destinations to Visit In Argentina anytime soon. Make use of this handy list and plan your trip accordingly. From the highest peaks to the longest beach locations, the place has something or the other to offer to each one of us. 

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List of Major destinations to Visit in Argentina

Argentina is a great place, even if we talk about it geographically. But, do you know all about its beauty and natural diversity? If you don’t, stay tuned to the post because the list in the following part tells it all.

Buenos Aires: Most Attractive Destinations to Visit in Argentina.

This city came into the forefront because of the 2019 Olympics played here. The city is full of buzz all day and night. People loving festivity and food must visit this place, at least once in a lifetime. You can roam around the city all day long and enjoy the variety of street food there. One of the must-visit attractions in the city is Iguazu National Park. 


Do you like resorts and cruises? If yes, then there is a lot for you to discover here. People call it the ‘Gateway of Argentina,’ and it lies in the most southern part of the country. The place is filled with restaurants, bars, museums, and hotels. Moreover, tourists can indulge in lots of winter sports and other activities when they visit here with plenty of time. When it comes to some of the main attractions of Ushuaia, you should not miss seeing them. Tierra del Fuego National Park, Laguna Esmeralda, Martial Glacier, and Beagle Channel.


Are you a wine lover? Then, Mendoza is a paradise for you. The city has the Andes Mountains at its back. People call the place ‘Napa of Argentina’. Because the city bridges two wine valleys called Luján de Cuyo and Valle de Uco. Some of the most famous and ultimate wines of the place come from these vineyards and wineries. Usually, after visiting this place, people start loving and calling it the most favorite place in Argentina. It’s weather-wise and also perfect.


It lies at the shore of a large lake called Lago Nahuel Huapi. Moreover, the Andes Mountains surround the whole city. Tourists visit the place to witness the alpine structure and taste the chocolate. The best part of this place is that it has several things and activities to offer to its visitors, both during winters and summers. When it comes to natural beauty, it grabs a deal. 

Cordoba: Best Destinations to Visit In Argentina

We can’t exclude Cordoba if we discuss some outstanding destinations to visit in Argentina. Its nightlife leaves the visitors spellbound. And the artistic daylife never fails to grab the visitors’ presence in the city. The place is flooded with bars and clubs, open all night to party. During the daytime, you can visit the galleries, theaters, and museums of the city. You can also roam around like a hippie in the mountains. The best one would be Cerro Uritorco. 


Also named Salta la Linda, Salta is a beautiful city commonly known for its architecture and mountains. Someone interested in Andean and Quechuan must not miss visiting and exploring this place. The place offers a lot for nature lovers, foodies, fond of history, and bar hoppers. 

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El Calafate

The city has easy access to Parque Nacional Los, the glaciers. It is the ‘gateway to the glaciers’ of Argentina. There are around 48 glaciers in the Southern Ice Field. One of the most famous glaciers is Perito Moreno Glacier. This place has a huge amount of resting and dining choices. Tourists find the place very charming and often extend their plans to get enough time to explore the area get well. 

Cordoba sierras

Being a nature lover, if you consider high mountains with downhill flowing rivers, then Cordoba Sierras is the perfect location for you. It is the most attractive destination in Cordoba province. Visitors who have witnessed the place say that the best time to visit here is during the months of September, October, and November. 

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So we have discussed a number of beautiful and attractive destinations in Argentina. Visitors to Argentina should not miss this in any case. However, the list does not stop here. But, plan your trips to Argentina and make sure to cover almost all the places mentioned above.